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Gamez Black Desert Private Server

Feb 9, 2017 8:16 pm

Gamez Black Desert Online Private Server is now available on Gamez Network. This private server was designed for players looking to progress through the game faster than official without months of grinding while leaving an exciting custom end game content with balanced fair gameplay with no pay to win concept. The Game is now live on http://gamezbd.com and is open for everyone to join freely, pearls are given as you play to spend in shop.

Website -
How to connect - http://forum.gameznetwork.com/threads/gamezbd-connection-guide.202666/

Exp rates

Monster - 500%
Exploring - 500%
Life skills - 500%
Horse - 500%
Tendency - 500%
Fitness - 500%
Guild - 500%
Skill points - 500%

Drop rates

Monster - 500%
Fishing - 500%
Collection - 500%
Steal - 500%

The game is hosted on a Powerful 24/7 Dedicated Server with no lags, crashes and 99% up time.
We're open to any suggestions to improve game experience and work with players to provide constant quality updates.

Join us today !

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