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Blade & Soul Future Update: Wings & Pet System

Jul 8, 2015 1:35 am
Blade & Soul update for the next half of 2015 has been revealed during the recent interview with Tencent officials.  

Pet System

Q:  What is the update plan for the next half of the year? Will there be a major update?

A:  Various update contents, including pet system, wing system, achievement system, and Mushin-tower-like dungeon will be released. The update pace will depend on the response of players in the latest update patch. Currently, it has bee confirmed that Pet system will be released in August while other contents might take some time

Q: Please introduce the pet system. Can pet help players in battle, or can they fight against each other independently?

A: We will first turn some of the bosses into pet (including humanoid bosses). Subsequently, we will allow player to design their own pet. Pets can aid players in combat, besides granting them additional stats.

Q:  The role of pet seems to overlap with the cat of Summoner. Will this be unfair to summoners?

A: Of course not, the ability of pet will not be that powerful. Metaphorically speaking, the cat of summoner is like clothing, while the pet is more like necklaces or accessories.  The effect of pet is less significant relatively.

Q: How to obtain pet?

A: The methods to obtain pet include dungeon, achievement system or buying them directly. We will also enhance crafting profession system and enable the crafting of new pet and wings.


Q: Wings is an important part of the upcoming update as well. Why does the developer decide to add this system to the game. Will it affect Qing Gong?

A: It is noticed that players do have the demand for wings. It is mainly added for cosmetic purpose. It will likely be introduced at the end of this year or early next year. It will not affect Qing Gong of players

Q: Will wings come with stats? How can they be obtained?

A:  Adding stats to wings require some sort of new balance, and it would be a troublesome task. We will consider about it. For balancing purpose, we might give non-battle related stats to it. There would be many ways to get wings, including crafting or getting it from dungeons.

Infinite Challenge & Apprentice System

Q: Any new PVE content in the future?

A: There will be a new instance called Infinite Challenge, which consists of hundreds of stages. It is quite similar to Mushin Tower, but the stages are random and thus, it would be harder for players to prepare for it. However, this system will not be updated very soon.

Q: Currently the dungeons are pretty tough for newbie. Any plans to introduce apprentice system?

A: Indeed, we will release the apprentice system pretty soon.

Q: Any new contents for casual players?

A: The developer will attempt to introduce more casual content in the future. The current shooting mini game which was released recently is an example of that.

New Weapon Mod

Q: We know that the developer is planning for a new class now. Will the new class be Gunner? Any more information on this?

A: Indeed, a new class is being developed at the moment. However, we will not release it along with other new contents to avoid distraction. The new class will be released within half a year to 1 year from now.

Q: The weapon mod system has been released recently. Will more new weapon mods be released soon?

A: Yes. We are currently collect the request of players and will send them to the developer.

Q: Finally, any plans for upcoming PVP tournament?

A: There will be an international PVP tournament in the next half of 2015. It will involve Korea, China, Taiwan, and Japan.


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