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Blade & Soul CN June Update Preview: 2 New Dungeons & 3 New Races for Existing Classes

May 31, 2015 11:30 pm
Blade & Soul CN will be introducing various new updates in June 2015, including 2 new dungeons (Black Dragon Prison & Forgotten Tomb), and 3 new race options for existing classes (Kun Kung Fu Master, Gon Force Master & Lyn Warlock).

More Race Option for Classes

Blade & Soul has race restrictions on the classes you choose. This updates introduces 3 new options for existing classes, namely Kun Kung Fu Master, Gon Force Master & Lyn Warlock.

2 New Dungeons

2 new challenging dungeons, namely Black Dragon Prison & Forgotten Tomb (which was updated in Korea just 1 month ago), will be released in June 2015 for Blade & Soul CN. The difficulty of both dungeons is likely to be higher than Snow Jade Palace & Sunken Pirate Ship.

Awakening of Origin

Not much information has been revealed about this feature yet. In the trailer above, you can see some classes use some interesting new combo in their skills ( for example, destroyer spinning axe over her head). The subtitle says "Awakening of Origin/Source"

The 8 themes of the new update has been announced at the teaser site:

Courage: Instance
Awaken: Class
Pleasure: Event
Warrior: Weapon upgrade
Nature: Natural stats
Personality: Weapon Morph
Rapport: PVP
Explore: Treasure Trove


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Jun 1, 2015 11:28 am
and yet cats are still exclusive to lyns....hahaha Gon summoners should have mice companion.

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