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Blade & Soul CN 23th Oct: Treasure Vault & Talisman Crafting Event

Oct 22, 2014 10:52 pm

Blade & Soul CN has introduced new update on 23th Oct. The update note is as follows:

Content Update

1. Bopae Crafting Event end.

2. Release of Talisman Crafting Event

3. Release of Treasure Vault

4. Treasure Vault key exchange available.

5. Weekend Spirit Stone Steppe Event reward update

6. Spirit Stone Steppe party function added in F7

7. Spirit Stone Steppe party option added to Dragon Pillar

8. Linking the materials required to upgrade weapon to cash shop or auction house.

9. Added item to cleanse ill-fated prefix on S3 weapon - Infinite Curse Removal Bell (drop from Spirit Stone Steppe, Bloody Desert, Battle Island, Snow Jade Palace)

10. New PVP season

Cash Shop Update

1. New Celestial Breath Box, Treasure Vault related item

2. The reward for Web Cafe Point exchange updated.

New Costume available at Secret Merchant in Ice Warehouse: Girls' Generation Costume

Skill Update

1. The escape skill effect for all classes are synchronized

2. Skill bug fix

3. Soul Blade mode key change

4. Force Master's Vacumm Shot, Icy Body

5. New Lyn Blade Master skill: Siphon

6. Assassin skill chain modified.

7. Destroyer's Quake, Destruction Wheel modified.

For more details on the update, refer to here

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