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Blade & Soul CN 25th Sept: Snow Jade Palace & Ice Warehouse

Sep 24, 2014 10:43 pm
Blade & Soul CN 25th Sept Update

Snow Jade Palace, a new level 50 heroic instance and Ice Warehouse are released in Blade & Soul China on 25th Sept 2014. The update notes are as follows:

1. Release Snow Jade Palace
2. Release Ice Warehouse instance
3. Spirit Stone Steppe gameplay optimized
4. HuLei in Thunder Prison will not use long range suction skill during main quest; his attack is reduced.
5. Fix Wulin faction spawn point NPC issue in Misty Forest
6. Enable continuous buff when using red heart (not sure what this means)
7. End of Mid Autumn Event
8. Add National Day Event
9. Crafting Event:太尚门 (Bopae craft) – Finally!
10. Improve world shout function
11. Add Buddy shortcut key (F4)

At the same time, a short notice on the coming update preview has been released on the official site, as follows:

1. Highest difficulties instance: Snow Jade Palace - further evolution for Silverfrost mainstream weapon released.
2. Daily event instance – Ice Cave ; high amount of experience + secret merchant
3. Spirit Stone Steppe Update: user-friendly UI, balance of faction forces, release of new event for legendary gear exchange.
4. Reboot of Crafting Event – Bopae Craft ; subsequently every month release a new one.
5. Ill-fate Seal – rebirth of ill-fated prefix weapon! special repair hammer for ill-fated weapon to be updated in the future

Snow Jade Palace

Spirit Stone Steppe Event

- New event at spirit stone steppe: fri, sat & sun night 20:00 to 22:00, duration 1 month
- Complete event quest to gain Silverfrost Legendary Shards & Ghost Defence Buff. The mini-bosses on Spirit Stone Steppe will also drop Silverfrost Legendary Shards.
- The shards can be exchanged for legendary accessories, need 27 token each.

- S1 and S2 light weapon can be exchange with 19 and 54 shards respectively.

Spirit Stone Steppe Changes

- new UI shows the flow of the faction gameplay clearly; info such as the score of each faction, boss remaining HP, total ling qi earn by both factions, etc are shown.
- the total ling qi earned by both factions governs the new faction balance system.  When the opposing faction kill the NPC on your side, 20% of the ling qi will be stored. Upon reaching 6000 points, a super boss will appear on your side to aid in battle.

- Killing this super boss grants huge amount of ling qi.
- Spirit Stone Steppe Talisman can be used to increase your ling qi cap by 400%
- new items available for exchange with ling qi, including “big moon stone bag” which requires 2000 ling qi.
- the super boss is very strong; need to take buff from buff generator at home base to stand a chance against it.
- for example, 1 star buff can ward off the reflect dmg ability of the boss.

- getting buff from buff generator does not consume ling qi, but require player to earn higher than or equal to the specified ling qi. For example, 1 star buff requires 25 ling qi. The buff will automatically disappear if the ling qi is lower than 25.
- 1 Star buff effect: resist the effect of boss (require 25 ling qi)
- 2 Star buff effect: 1 star effect + ghost defence buff (require 50 ling qi)
- 3 Star buff effect: 2 star effect + ghost attack buff (require 100 ling qi)
- more faction daily quest added (reward: spirit stones)

Bopae Crafting Profession Event

- the event reward box contents include crit dmg (1%-4%) & life bopae (max 1200 HP) for adding stats to bopae.
- If you are not a Bopae crafter, you can start creating a mule character to learn it. Similar to previous event, only level 1 crafting level is required to produce the event item. You will also need to learn the gathering profession for collecting wood.

Other information on the update will be updated here

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