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New Godly Weapon for Level 50 cap & Hongmen/Evil Path

Jul 20, 2014 8:58 am
New Godly Weapon for Level 50 cap

Blade & Soul Online China recently has announced that a major revamp on the weapon growth system will be implemented in Aug 2014, along with level 50 cap release. A new weapon, so called “Godly Weapon” will be introduced to replace the current Extreme Pirate Weapon.

The existing mainstream weapon, the Extreme Pirate Weapon will no longer has further evolution and growth beyond level 45. However, Extreme Pirate Weapon lvl10 can be used to exchange for a new part in gearing, called “Soul”. Soul can also be obtained as a drop from mobs, but the strongest Soul will be the one exchanged from Extreme Pirate Weapon lv10. Older players need not worry that the previous investment in their weapon would go to waste with this update.

New White Blue Mountain Weapon
The new mainstream weapon for lv50 cap, will be independant from the lv45 weapon system, and doesn’t require previous weapon from lv45 to evolve.

S-rank Godly Weapon
Godly weapon is a lv50 weapon, that comes with a variety of stats; it can be treated as the next generation of Legendary weapon. There are a total of 3 types of Godly Weapon, namely S1, S2 and S3.  The weapon can reach level 10, but the level growth does not involve consuming other weapon. Players need to fulfill certain condition to breakthrough and level up their Godly Weapon.

Hongmen or Evil Path
As the story in level 50 cap unfold, your character will be presented with a choice to rejoin Hongmen (the good side which you are initially on) or continue on the Evil Path.

This is an important decision as it affects the story quest which comes after it. If you choose to go back to Hongmen, you will continue the main story line up to the final chapter 30. However, if you decide to go down the Evil path, your main quest will stop there. You will probably have to find other ways to obtain experience since you will be likely at lv48~49 after you make the choice.

Characteristic of Hongmen Path

You will get the full story line and quest, and theoretically reach level 50 faster than the evil path. At the end of the main quest, you will also receive a white head band. You cannot choose to go back to Evil path once you have made this choice.

Characteristic of Evil Path

The character choosing to stick to the Evil path will gain a dobok immediately.

Players who went down the Evil path has one more chance to turn back to Hongmen path. Demon liquor can be bought from an NPC in Red Leaf town, with 10g, premium refinement stone x10 and premium black magic stone x 10.

Take note that this choice will affect the guild you can join as well. If your guild belongs to Hongmen, all the members must be in the Hongmen path; if you pick Evil path, you will be automatically be evicted from the guild and vice versa.

Hongmen and Evil path will gain access to different dobok as well :D

Hongmen Dobok

Evil Dobok


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Jul 21, 2014 11:40 pm
man Ive been fearing this patch for so long now i have to chose a side :(

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