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Blade and Soul CN April Update Preview: Poison Dragon, Guild Upgrade

Apr 21, 2014 10:30 pm
Blade and Soul CN April Update Preview

These updates are expected to applied to BNS CN at the end of April.

1. Poison Dragon World Boss

* randomly spawn in Misty Forest, approximately 1~2 hours after the last kill.
* must wear faction costume to fight it.
* after initiating battle, the boss will go into enraged/berserk mode in 8 minutes.
* while wearing faction costume to kill the boss, beware of players from opposing faction
* new item which can be crafted with guild workshop, gives immunity against the howl attack.
* Reward
- Basic total reward - 700 soul point; if the boss kill players with existing soul point, the total soul point will be increased.
- The points are distributed among players according to their DPS, max 30 soul point per person.
- 4 grades of chest dropped: Poison Dragon Chest, Shiny Poison Dragon Chest, Weekend Poison  Dragon Chest, Shiny Weekend Poison Dragon Nest.
- The chests also gives new fashion, Scorching Penta-gem and Hexa-gem, soul stone bags etc; requires special key to open.
- The keys can be exchanged with soul point at faction NPC; or randomly dropped from the Imperial Army in misty forest.  

New World Boss unique to CN server: Red Devil and Green Devil
* Spawn around misty forest; spawn time ~30minute
* Reward:
- 50 soul points
- Red Devil / Green Devil Chest; can give Scorching Hexa-gem.

Misty Forest Shop
* items such as Silver Coin, Scorching Hexa/Penta-gem, Hexa/Penta-gem can be exchanged there.

2. New Guild Upgrade

* guild level cap increase to lv11
* Level 8 benefit: Teleport to specified guild members
* Level 9 benefit: 10% discount off gear growth cost
* Level 10 benefit: Guild member cap extended to 70 members
* Level 11 benefit: Guild member recruitment.

3. Optimization for Newbie

* reduce the amount of quest in beginner area; focus only tutorial quest
* path guide added to newbie quest
* reduce the amount of rubbish quest reward; save inventory space
* lower requirement for qing gong quest.



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