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Dungeons Guide

Nov 21, 2013 6:55 am

General Knowledge

Dragon Pillars
You can find these pillars outside of a dungeon. Pressing 'F' on the pillar will put you in a party. Don't move away until you joined one!

You can also repair using repair tools here.

Priority Targets
ALWAYS take out Force Master & Gunner type enemies first as they are both painful and annoying.

If you see mini bosses standing beside the boss, get a tanker to tank the boss while the rest focus fire to kill mini bosses first.

Party Loot Rule
If you are party leader for heroic raid, change your party loot rule to all bid (green). Right click on party interface to do so.

4 Men Heroic Dungeon
You must first form a party before able to enter 4 Men Heroic Dungeon. Right click on yourself in party interface and change to 4 men mode.

Reviving Party Member
You can shorten near death party member's revival time by 5 seconds if you charge Qi into him by pressing 'F'. Having 3 members to charge Qi into him will allow him to revive almost instantly!

Revival Count

You will find Life Altar like pic above in certain dungeon. Clicking on it will grant you a revival chance (Maximum of 2). You will get revived instantly when you die with revival chance left.

Life Altar doesn't cost anything to use until you reach Red Lotus Grave (红莲墓地). Every revival chance will cost you 1x Spirit Stone (灵石) in there. Don't ever waste your Spirit Stones as they are really valuable later on.

Life Altar that cost Spirit Stone to use has message such as below. (Use 1 Spirit Stone for 1 Revive)

Instead, you can get some Revival Pills which also have the same effect. Players with Cook as profession can produce them.

Fire Wall
Fire wall may appear upon entering certain area in high level raid dungeons. If you are new to a raid dungeon, be sure to follow your party members closely so that you don't lag behind and get burned to death.

You can type ========== , which means wait 等 (deng), to alert your reckless party members to wait for the others before they trigger firewall.

Dungeon Rush
Most players like to rush through certain dungeons so that they can lure a huge group of mobs and kill them together quickly. Follow them closely or you may have to face leftover mobs all by yourself. Most notably 天鸟巢穴.

Combination Strike

Green = Knockdown | Blue = Stun | Red = Weaken | Yellow = Knock back

Using appropriate skill to disable the boss at crucial moment can save you from death. You'll have to rely on your party member if you cannot disable the boss with own skill. Use the colored phantom as reference on what skill to use.

If you are really really bad at timing skill, just tap space bar when you hear the sound effect for Combination Strike.

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Dragon Nest CN - Freedom's Youtube Channel
Server: 华中电信一区
IGN: Calena (Mon)
Class: Lv 80 Tempest
Guild: Freedom

Blade & Soul CN
Server: 网通一区 - 咆哮寺院
IGN: 白柳 (v2seraph)
Class: Assassin
Guild: Freedom (Evil - 浑天教)

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Nov 21, 2013 7:10 am

Specific Dungeon Guide

Southern Brigade 冲角团平南舰队
Firewall will appear as soon as you engage a boss, follow your party members closely.

Be wary of last boss' AoE skill, he will charge for few seconds before dealing damage. Use SS to get away from the red area.

Corrupted Cave 浊气洞

You'll have to protect the cleansing orb at the middle of the map. Don't go past the 3 choke points indicated above or you'll die instantly.

Golem's Core 巨岩遗址
The Core will go invincible every time you depleted 1/4 of it's HP. Kill the huge golems that spawn will allow you to attack The Core again.

Earth Gate Inn 土门客栈
Protect the NPC from getting killed. REMEMBER not to trigger the quest until everyone gathered, otherwise they won't be able to complete the quest. Best to just leave it the your party members.

Madman's Cave 失心洞
I can safely tell you that this boss will be really really tough to solo unless you are an Assassin or really geared. Get a party!

Howling Temple 咆哮寺院
Don't rush into boss' room as fire wall will appear as soon as you engage the boss. Second boss will appear after you got the turtle boss down to 1/4 HP.

God Bird's Nest 天鸟巢穴
This is the dungeon where most players love to rush through. Ignore first boss you meet and rush straight to second boss. Remember not to engage bosses till your party members are gathered up.

Red Lotus Grave 红莲墓地
LOTS of fire wall throughout the dungeon. Try not to aggro any mobs while following your party closely.

If you see such fire cracks appear on floor, get away from there ASAP. You will take extremely high damage if you got hit by this skill.

*Guide pending*

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Dragon Nest CN - Freedom's Youtube Channel
Server: 华中电信一区
IGN: Calena (Mon)
Class: Lv 80 Tempest
Guild: Freedom

Blade & Soul CN
Server: 网通一区 - 咆哮寺院
IGN: 白柳 (v2seraph)
Class: Assassin
Guild: Freedom (Evil - 浑天教)

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    Nov 22, 2013 7:22 am
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    Dragon Nest CN - Freedom's Youtube Channel
    Server: 华中电信一区
    IGN: Calena (Mon)
    Class: Lv 80 Tempest
    Guild: Freedom

    Blade & Soul CN
    Server: 网通一区 - 咆哮寺院
    IGN: 白柳 (v2seraph)
    Class: Assassin
    Guild: Freedom (Evil - 浑天教)
    Nov 22, 2013 10:37 pm
    Haha, Madman's Cave 失心洞 can be solo by a Sword Master if you know what to do. =)


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