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Cabal 2 Enters Open Beta On July 2nd

May 24, 2018 10:34 pm
After a pretty successful Closed Betatesting period, cabal 2 the sequel to Cabal Online has been a little quiet but thats only because they have been working so hard to get the game up toscratch for the Open Beta test which they today announced will begin on July2nd!
As is usually the case with Open Beta,there is no barrier to entry. You need no key and its free to download and play, so as long as you have the clientinstalled and patched up you can play Cabal 2 the moment the Open Beta serversopen. Moreover, characters created in Open Beta will not be lost in the games transition to launch so they will all be there to play once OpenBeta is over.

ESTsoft will have some events, streams,prizes and more for players in the following weeks so follow their Twitter,Facebook, and Twitch pages to keep up with all of the fun stuff.

With a fast-paced fluid combat system, openworld dungeons, and engaging story, Cabal 2 is sure to bring something good tothe proverbial table. Heres to asuccessful launch transition! We cant wait until we can play this one.

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