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Watch Dogs 2 - How to Make Money Fast

May 23, 2018 7:22 pm
Money is important, and today were going to provide some insight into how to make money fast inWatch Dogs 2. You need money to buy a large assortment of items, some withgreat benefits and others purely aesthetic. Whatever the case may be, you needto make money as quickly as possible. Weve got some advice to make money quickly, as well as a late gameexploit that really helps you rake in the dough in Watch Dogs 2.
Hack Everyone

If you played the originalWatch Dogs 2 Money youshould be well aware of the fact that you can hack into almost anyone on thestreets. More often than not, these people will give you money. Early in thegame you wont get a lot of dough.Its rare to be able to hack anyone for even$100, let alone more. However, after youve been playing for a bit you can unlock the Improved Profilerupgrade under the Social Engineering section. Once you have this talent youwill always get at least $400 from hacking pedestrians and sometimes up to asmuch as $1,000. If you spend some time hacking everyone around you, it can addup quickly.
Pawn Everything

Watch Dogs 2 has a lot in common with GrandTheft Auto. One big similarity is how often youll be taking cars off the street. Every time you hijack a new car,you raid the contents of the vehicle. Sometimes youll find money, which is added to your bank account automatically,but often times youll findvaluable items. These items can vary but usually you can find a laptop orsomething similar. Take these items to the closest Pawn shop to trade them infor cash.
Late in the game you get to the mainoperation, Eye for an Eye. As you play through the operation you will come tothe mission, A Real Dog Fight. During the mission, take the freight elevator tothe lower level and head over to the door where youre supposed to hack the camera and listen to Pablo Cortes speak.Instead of completing the mission, hack Cortez from the camera to get $18,000or more.

Once you have the money, access the menuscreen and reload the last checkpoint. As soon as you acquire the money, its automatically saved, so you keep the money even after you load thelast checkpoint. You can repeat this process over and over again as it onlytakes a minute or so to complete.

If youre looking for more you can check out our Watch Dogs 2 Tips articleand hit the ground running!

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