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【Tree of Savior】Latin American Server & Maintenance Issues

May 16, 2018 7:10 pm
On 2015-10-30,Tree of Savior announced that a Latin American server will open to address the issuesamongst users on its servers. The next day,Tree of Savior announced that due tounexpected errors the Latin American server will be postponed until the issueis fully resolved.
In the meantime,we had our first real maintenance in the wee hours of Tuesday EST that promiseto fix several known issues. However, when the goddesses open their arms towelcome Tosters to the servers; we’ve found that while we aren’t sure if thepromised issues were solved, there are host of new bugs that has the servers upin chaos. Particularly in protest of the Blacksmith’s price raise for repairs,and the price changes which left many Tosters in financial ruins.
Presently, thereseem to be an open market for Squires to set up shops in towns, and populartraining spots. This Toster will definitely utilize their services until thatawful Blacksmith rethink his prices! One of our members, Valkyrie made a threadon the official forum regarding this very issue.
UPDATE: After ashort maintenance, Tree of Savior announced that the changes applied has reverted tothe way it was prior to Tuesday’s maintenance. They explained that the pricesapplied were prices from the KCBT version of the game which were in place asmeans to control inflation. The Latin American Server bearing the name of theGoddess Saule has open its arms to Tosters. IMC Games has secured more keys,and will be using the Lucky Draw method to select the new testers.

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