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PoE Items

May 16, 2018 7:06 pm
InPoE items arevery important aspect of the game. Without proper items, characters are unableto survive higher difficulty levels and will die very often due to highphysical and elemental damage of the monsters. Some items are foundations for certainbuilds and without them, those builds would not exist. It is important for newplayers to understand, what combination of mods are good on items, what are thethings that make items expensive. The sooner they are familiar with that, theeasier playing the game will be.
There areseveral item rarity tiers in Path of Exile (grouped in ascending order byrarity) – Normal, Magic, Rare and Unique items. Normal items have no mods onthem, only the implicit property the base item has. Magic items can have 1-2affixes. Rare items can have 3-6 affixes. Unique items have custom modifiersand you cannot add any affixes to them.
Affixes, alsocalled item mods, divide into two groups – prefixes and suffixes. A magic itemcan have 1 suffx and 1 prefix. In the image you can see normal item and magicitem. The magic version has 1 prefix and 1 suffix here, which makes up its name– prefix “Humming” and suffix “of calm”. Affixes
Rare items canhave 6 affixes in general – 3 prefixes and 3 suffixes. Here you can see a rareitem with 6 affixes. Yes, there are 7 lines of mods, but there are few hybridaffixes, in this case 16% physical damage and +3 accuracy rating is one affix.Rare item affixes
Every affixneeds a certain level to spawn on the item. For example, you cannot roll 150%increased physical damage on level 4 sword. To roll 150% increased physicaldamage, the sword has to have at least itemLevel 73 or greater. ItemLeveldepends on the monster level of the zone you’re playing in. For example, if youare playing in level 60 zone, mosters will drop items with itemLevel 60-62. Ishould elaborate, magic monsters will always drop items with 1 itemLevel higherthan zone itself, in this case, items with itemLevel 61, rare and uniquemonsters will drop items with 2 levels higher than the zone, in this case,items with itemLevel 62. To determine, what itemLevel the given item has, youcan click on item and write /itemlevel in chat while item is selected.
There is greatwebpage which offers an overview of item affixes and required itemLevels forthe affixes – http://poemods.com where you can see all the information you needabout this topic. I will also write guide on item pricing in nearest time, sostay updated.

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