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Evhacon 2: Attractive 3D action game

Jul 12, 2017 12:41 am
The fierce war in ancient Rome
The background in Evhacon 2 as well as the formation of the character reminds players of ancient Rome, with expansive expanses and defenses against invasive tribal encroachment.

At the beginning of the game experience, players will choose their own character and customize their preferences from different hairstyles and beards. From the beginning, dialogues between NPCs and characters will reveal some of the storyline as well as the tasks that need to be done. For example, in the first game of the Storyline single player game, you will face the Fabian army invasion from the south of Aecheria city.

In it, Chief of Defense Grandmaster Eoshin and his troops are besieged in the city center, still out of contact with them. From the docks that have just arrived at the harbor, the warrior that the player controls will have to team up with his fellow fighters to destroy the mob and reach the target.
The cleats in Evhacon 2 make the player as engaging in a real fierce battle, where they must stand side by side with allies as NPCs (for single player). The angle of view from the back is constantly changing depending on the direction of the enemy. Virtual keys for moving and hacking are designed to resemble most RPGs today.

No lore, no deity, only the guillotine
Because the game has a historical background, there are no legends or divine elements, so the warrior that the player controls has only the cleavage of the sword. The more accurate combos you make, the more you earn experience points. An enemy is eliminated from the battlefield when it collapses and disappears a few seconds later. If the opponent is missing or the combat frame is not covered, it will not be too worried. The enemy side.

The playstyle in Evhacon 2 is not just a slash element, but it also includes additional missions depending on the game play. For example, the shooting element, a small play in a single level game, requires the player to use ranged weapons of mass destruction, destroying as many enemy units in the maximum countdown period. Space battles in each screen are quite wide with many nooks, enemies can spill out in large numbers. Circumstances surrounded by enemies, the player can move to his teammates and turn his back on the NPC to limit the attack direction.

The player's character will also be upgraded based on a four-piece system. A potential table with health stats, damage, ... to upgrade. The strengths of Evhacon 2 is that the game possesses true 3D graphics, combining action-packed multiplayer combat action in a large combat map, superhuman sound and epic sound, a charismatic storyline. Revealed slowly after each screen.
You are a fan of role-playing action games and especially love epic so the Evcahon 2 will be a good choice for you to refer. Currently, there are both free and paid versions of the game on iOS and Android. To experience, you can download it here: iOS/ Android

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Jul 12, 2017 12:42 am
that's good, graphics so beautifull

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    Jul 13, 2017 12:19 am
    The graphics indeed seems very top notch o.o


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