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Competitive App of Subway Surfer is out for Android

Feb 2, 2017 2:00 am
Since our childhood we are watching the most hilarious and favorite cartoon of our life i.e Tom and Jerry. With it are associated our memories and moments. Jerry the mischievous little mouse who used to tease Tom with his smartness and outclass him whenever Tom wants to chase or catch him. How interesting it would be if you can see them in front of you doing the same tease-troll stunts.
Subway Tom Cheese Chase:
The game which is filled with fun and ever green moments of Tom and Jerry where the war starts when Terry snatched the cheese  from Tom and Tom has to chase him on endless subway. Cheese are available to collect them in order to optimized your power.

Broom Effect:
Broom effect in the game will let you fly high to avoid the obstacles. Avoid the obstacles and earn bonus points. Fly high to dodge the hurdles to catch the Jerry.

Vacuum Magic:
Get the vacuum to suck all the cheese and enhance your power.


Highly interactive and addictive 3D game to revive your childhood memories with fabulous UI and amazing 3D graphics. Download this ever amazing game and be the part of your childhood again!

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Dec 23, 2017 5:55 am
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