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[EVENT] Dragon Rise Survey Poll

Jan 8, 2017 5:38 pm

Dragon Rise (www.dragonrise.com) ended its Event Survey Poll last Sunday (Jan. 8, 2017, 5_M GMT +8)

The game devs are expressing their gratitude to all the participants who sent their votes which among the event choices you wanted to conduct. By the way, here are the percentage of the events being listed:

NEW Player Attendance! (Event for the new Recruits!) - 53 Votes (26%)
Tag, Like and Share Event (Casual SNS Event) - 53 Votes (26%)
Friends that plays together! Stays Together! - 47 Votes (23%)
FAN-tastic Heroes of Dracania! (Fan Art Contest) - 30 Votes (15%)
Let’s Go Viral! (Music Video Competition per Group)  - 21Votes (10%)

Visit this link: http://www.strawpoll.me/12041438 forthe results.

Thank you Heroes of Dracania for joining this online poll.We are so grateful for your prompt response. Be sure to visit our officialFacebook Fan Page and we will be opening the event/s that won in this surveypoll. Rest assured that we will keep improving and give EXCLUSIVE discounts toall of you. Enjoy playing!

Game Info:
Take a sojourn journey to the world of Anderworld throughDragon Rise! This massive multiplayer action RPG is set in the fantasy world ofDracania. Explore their world for epic stories with countless quests, engage inPvP, and battle out against the evils! It has timeless hack-n-slash MMORPGgameplay that drove thousands ofplayers. Characters have a greater chance to be the strongest with its newestauto-play function. Also, the game servers are located in Singapore to betteraccommodate players from SEA region.
Dragon Rise Online is a FREE-to-PLAY game developed andpublished by BigPoint, a renowned gaming studio with extensive experience ingame designs and game development. They create high-quality games for all gamersegments in browser - based gaming and on mobile devices. The company is basedin Hamburg, Germany. The game comes with in-game purchases. For more detailedevents, visit their official Facebook Fan Page.
For the collaboration and marketing inquiry, we are inviting your goodoffice to do partnership with us. You can reach us to this e-mail: pr@onplaycorp.com for more details.

Official Links:
How to join?Register here: http://www.dragonrise.com/download

Official Website:

Get involve intheir forum:

Official DragonRise Facebook Page:


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