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Fantasy Squad Daily Reward Grind

Jan 5, 2017 8:01 pm

Above listings are what you can do each day while playing Fantasy Squad: The Era Begins. On Monday, your mission is to do daily mission and receive a reward of 1+1! Meaning once you completed one daily mission you'll get additional one in layman's term, Buy 1 Get 1! hahahaha

On the second day which is Tuesday, Do expedition in all stages in any act you choose. FYI: if you can or if you have stronger squad, choose the Stage 15 of the highest act to obtain much more EXP points. EXP points that you will get will be double as the normal one that you can get in a regular day. Most players as so much into this day as they want to make their squad stronger compared to other.

On the third day which is Wednesday, Skill Upgrade Day, you got the chance to get a discount cost once you do skill upgrade of your hero. Discount may vary depending on the hero you which to do skill upgrade. Hopefully you cold max out the skill upgrade so you can be so powerful once you do expedition.

On the fourth day which is Thursday, the Evolution Day! The Evolution Day will ease now the pain to do of the most frustrating and irritating task in this game. Frustrating in a sense that you've spent a lot of Evo Crystal to make it successful to upgrade your level. Most of the time if you're a little impatience, you'll be using jewels to fasten time to evolve but at the end it will unsuccessful too. Irritating because for how many times you do it it, always end result is failed. But because of Evolution Day, it will lessen pain. You can to do evolution x1.3! It maybe little, but it helps compared to nothing at all.

On the fifth day which is Friday, Hero Upgrade Day! Get 30% UP for Hero EXP. Hero that wishes to increase their upgrade level can be more faster and less use of hero to increase the targeted hero to have higher upgrade.

On the sixth day which is Saturday, Equipment Day! Same goes like to Hero Upgrade Day this side is for Equipment. Lessen the hardship to increase the targeted equipment to have higher upgrade.

On the seventh day which is Sunday, the much-awaited Challenge Day! Immortal and Infinite Battle will have lesser difficulty level. Meaning, level that you take will have lesser amount f hardship to take or monsters will be more easy to defeat compared to normal days.

Here you go guys, hope it helps us all to understand the Daily Reward Grind we need to do each day. Don't miss any of those as it will be much helpful to make you powerful and defeat monster each Act you take.

Enjoy playing Fantasy Squad!

Let me know once you wanted to be more clear in the way you wanted to understand it.

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