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[IOS / Android] Starry Fantasy Online

Nov 24, 2016 7:35 pm

The WorldwideMMORPG - Starry Fantasy Online
Coming on Thanksgiving!!!

Official Video:

Socialize withOther Players
- Upload Selfiein Personal Blog
- Knock and addother player as Friends
- Built-up yourown Popularity

Marriage system
- Propose andMarry with be-loved partners.
- Two differentWedding Styles
- Sync WeddingRing to get avatar stronger and powerful

PVP Arena &Clan Siege Battles
- Challenge withothers in arena & be the champion
- Battle Bossalone or Team up with Friends
- Fight with thebest Strategy to win Siege Battles

Various Type ofCostume, Phantasm and Gadget
- Select yourown Character Appearance
- Able to changeyour Character Outlook with Unique and Special Costume
- OutstandingPhantasm and Adorable Gadgets

Cross-Platformso you can play anytime, anywhere
Are you areworry running out of batter on the phone, don't worry, we got you.
This game isCross-platform from PC, Mobile and Pad. You can easily enjoy the game withfriends log anytime and anywhere.[size=7.0pt]

FB Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/StarryFantasyEN/
Official Website: http://sfonline-en.istargames.com/index2/
[size=12.0pt]GooglePlay: [size=12.0pt]http://goo.gl/0R7JBu[size=12.0pt]

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