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FREE war simulation and Real time Battle strategy game!Got 50 gold !

Nov 18, 2016 12:25 am

About Story:
The year of 1936 saw a different history when some powers with cutting-edge technology plunged the whole world into chaos and war. Nations fell apart, citizens got homeless while there was nothing to rely on except oneself. Hero commanders emerge from almost every corner of the world, team up with allies, form legions, and battle against evil powers for peace and honor. Claim your city and troops and ready yourself for the historical battles and for domination over the world.

Glory of Legion is a strategy game set before the WWII broke out. Players take the role of an emerging commander, build cities almost from scratch, develop technology, lead armies from victory to victory, and fight for resources, survival, and for glory and honor of their legions.

GOL GAME Features:

Build your city into an invincible fortress;
Recruit infantry, artillery; make cannons, tanks and traps. Discover your most powerful
formation for battles;
Conquer over 10 different parts of the world, experience intense battles on deserts, grassland, frozen area and more;
Legion vs Legion wars. Fight for loot, fight for territories, fight for domination over the globe;
Take over the ultimate fortress; defeat anyone in your way, and take down all that dare to invade your city;
Compete against players from across the globe. Chat with friends regardless of which language they speak via a real-time translate chatting system.

Google Play Store:
Official Facebook Fans Page :  

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Nov 28, 2016 12:51 am

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