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Super Badminton 2010 Most immersive 3D badminton game Ever

Aug 3, 2010 2:11 am

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Experience the fastest racquet sport in the world at your fingertips with hyper-realistic physics, HD quality graphics, slick UI and real sound effects that will make you come back for more. So, grab your badminton racket, take a swing and hit that Smash!

• 8 badminton players - each with unique strengths and weaknesses.
• 3 tournaments to challenge your skills: Choose your player and realize the dream to become a real badminton star.
• 4 stunning 3D badminton stadium courts to simulate the real badminton stadiums.
• Wooden badminton court to give you an experience of playing badminton at your local court/gym.
• Control direction of your shot by tilting your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad! - giving you an incredible immersive experience with complete command over your shots!
• Show off your trophies in your shiny trophy cabinet as you get rewarded in tournaments and various difficulty modes.
• Simple and effective controls: Intuitive controls for the casual gamers to enjoy but delivers everything that hardcore fans crave for.
• One-Touch directional pad (D-PAD) and camera control: Change your D-PAD to a virtual joystick and your camera dynamically during gameplay on the go - just with a touch.
• Super-real badminton shots animations: Overhead clear, Backhand clear, Backhand drop, Forehand drop, Smash among others.

Time to experience the most immersive 3D badminton gameplay with Super Badminton 2010. Get wild smashing!

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