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5 New Games for Android

Aug 3, 2010 2:09 am

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Space Man

Space Man is an adventure game filled with excitement. It challenges your agility and dexterity. 100% focused on game, find the SPACE quickly, and run for it!

Game features:
-Click Left/Right button(or tilt) to run to the SPACE.
-Support tilt mode.
-Touch screen to pause game.
- More options.

Caligo Chaser

Beat'em up style slash and dash action arcade game at your finger tips! Caligo Chaser is a crossover action arcade game which revolves around the story of Zack, a Private Knight, solving the dark mystery that treatens Emporion. Save the city by enchanting and strengthening over 300 items, weapons, and armors combined with 27 upgradable skills!
- Upgradable Skills - Up to 135 different skill upgrades combinations with 7 unique attack skills and 20 passive skills
- Customizable Character - Change the look of your character when you equip different armor and weapons
- Missions - Beat your own score for each of the multiple missions
- Tons of Items - Over 300 different types of items to customize your character

Panzer Panic

Destroy all panzers of the opposing colour by accurately shooting your ink bullets while making sure that you don’t run out of ink fuel! Take advantage of power ups that are dropped on the battlefield in wooden boxes and pound your enemy into the ground!

Fish Food

Love fish? Play Fish Food game on your Mobile Phones. Fast paced, fish popping action! In Fish Food, drag and touch to move, eat and pop fish, the action gets increasingly more intense as you play.. Line up huge combos to get scores in the thousands and see how long you can last!

Super K.O. Boxing! 2

Ready for an old fashioned beat-down on your smartphones? As the K.O. Kid, you return to the ring to face the most outrageous face-breaking opponents who use sneaky tactics & dirty distractions to knock you out.
This game requires an 86MB download the first time you launch the game. This download can be placed on an SD card or internal memory.


EGGGZ is a amazing arcade game. Catch eggs, collect golden eggs to buy improvements for your farm in Campaign mode. Play World Championship to rank on the worldwide leader board! Collect trophies for extra improvements!

Feel free to give your suggestions or recommend your favs!

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