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Neverwinter: Community-voted Double XP Weekend Arrives

Apr 8, 2016 12:42 am

Leveling up in Neverwinter is as important as in any other MMORPG, and the community put their votes on a double experience event to be held this weekend.
Neverwinter has undergone a good deal of changes recently and the developer has decided to revise the 60-70 leveling experience in an that was perhaps slightly too grindy and dull. in an upcoming update. The recently launched double experience weekend event (started on Thursday) will enable you guys to catch up with some of that nasty leveling and it is probably a good idea to make use of it.

"In our lead up to The Maze Engine, we held a Treasure Hunt event where the community would get to vote on a few 2x events once they discovered the hidden treasure. The community has voted for a 2x XP event this weekend!"

The aforementioned revision of the 60-70 leveling experience results in the scrapping of the Vigilance Quests and the developer also strived to rule out repetition. All of this will go live soon and I am pretty sure you guys are more than happy about the changes as leveling from 60-70 was never really an easy task.

"Elemental Evil Campaign – In our first retroactive campaign, we wanted to help players track their progress and see what rewards they would get. This means an all-new gear set meant for leveling in the Elemental Evil zones."

Back to the double experience weekend, the event kicked off on Thursday, April 7, and lasts until April 11. As you could see from the quote, this event was voted by the community and I really hope they are happy about it. Neverwinter also received a few changes on April 7 along with the launch of the double experience weekend, and you can find the patch notes for the update  NW.60.20160307a.15 here.  

If you somehow managed to miss the info about the double experience weekend, but have some catching up to do with leveling in Neverwinter, you still have plenty of time to enjoy the increased experience so do not hesitate to jump back into the awesome D&D universe.

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Apr 9, 2016 2:29 am
new classes? now?ty

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