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Ragnarok Online: Skills of a Thief

Jun 29, 2018 4:53 am
As a Thief in Ragnarok Online, you have a variety of Skills mostly passive or for your own support.
Your only offensive Skills are "Envenom", which has a chance to leave your enemy in the poison status (drain continuously HP). The second it the Quest Skill „Sand Attack“, an earth property attack with the chance to „Blind“ your enemy or to spread other status effects from your equipment cards. Both shouldn´t be taken as Skills to kill the enemy by assaulting them with those skills.
While equipped with a Dagger Type weapon, „Double Attack“ can hit your enemy twice with a single attack. With enough AGI / ASPD and DEX / HIT this should be the main attacking skill of a Thief.

Active Skills / Supportive
- "Hiding" will let your character hide in the shadows, unseen by others except by Boss Type monsters, insects and demons.
- Not only the Thief can poison there enemies to let them die slowly in vain, he can also „Detoxify“ himself or others (even Monsters) and cure the poison status.
- "Steal" has a chance, to steal an Item from an enemy. (Except Cards)

- Choosing an higher AGI path could help to evade attacks through the FLEE attribute. "Improve Dodge" is enhancing this attribute even more giving an extra +30 FLEE when maxed out.

Quest Skills
- If you are surrounded by enemies or in an other dangerous situation, "Backslide" helps to escape from such an situation, moving instantly 5 cells backward.
- "Sand Attack" as stated above, is an offensive earth property attack, spreading the "Blind" status to one enemy.
- "Find Stone" will let your Thief duck to the ground and search for an stone, which he can then throw towards one enemy using "Stone Fling". This skill is used to make passive monsters, aggressive towards you or to acquire attention from monsters attacking your Teammates.

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