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The Future Of Elsword

May 15, 2018 7:48 pm
Just to giveyou a sneak preview of the coming update: There will be visual updates to allcharacters, Skill Tree updates, skill renewals (including effects), we’ll beremoving Skill Notes, trait improvements and much more. Players will no longerbe forced to select one of two available skills at different points on theSkill Tree, and players will no longer need to distribute Skill Points. Forindividual characters, as they’re leveled up, the skills become available atthe respective level; at max level! We truly hopeElsword players will enjoy the upcoming changes, butthey’ll have to keep playing Elsword to watch it unfold in the winterupdate!
Why does KOG notallow knockdown resets and mana break options for all characters as a means ofescape? Though PvE has its own game experience (different from PvP), certaincharacters shouldn’t have the skills that do not allow Mana Break and KnockDown resets.
Each Elswordcharacter possesses their own unique control elements, skills, and traits. Wethink the different styles and skills each character brings is one of thebiggest fun factors of Elsword. If we allow all character skills to be bypassedwith a knock down reset or mana break mechanism, we think that fun factor woulddie down a bit. But, there’s more to it than that. Players should wait for ourwinter updates where many of the skills in question, and how those skills work(in both PVE and PVP), will change and be truly enjoyable for all characters.
Does KOG haveany plans to offer more permanent costumes options (i.e. Job Change Costumes)?Will the ability to obtain Skill Books becoming easier? Story is a major factorin any RPG, would KOG provide a clearer depiction of the Elsword story, and awider world with more world exploring activities.
Costume optionswill become bigger. It’s all a secret right now, but we are going to add moreinteresting and fun options. We are removing the Skill Note system entirely,and adding the Trait System in its place. Regarding the story, you will have tostay tuned for the winter updates, we will be adding in brand new tutorials andstarting zones for all characters, and giving the NA character a whole newvoices; so to speak. Ultimately, each character will have a chance to telltheir own, progressive story.

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