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Should You buy gta 5 money Online Edition?

May 15, 2018 4:24 am
Grand Theft Auto5 was recently re-released in the form of a Premium Online Edition, whichincludes the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack. This version is mainly aimed ata new audience, giving players a boost in GTA Online with items and in-gamefunds, though some existing players who haven't upgraded to the PS4, Xbox Oneor PC version of the game (from PS3 and Xbox 360) might also consider it inlight of character transfers no longer being available.
However, withthe mess of pricing across different platforms and stores, whether buy gta5 moneyor not is becoming a problem .recent bouts of erroneousprogress-wiping bans and the practical worth of the contents of the CriminalEnterprise Starter Pack make the question of whether it's worthwhile morecomplicated. H
owever, onething is clear from the get-go - if you already own GTA 5 on PC, PS4 or XboxOne, then there isn't any point in buying the Premium Online Edition.
Additionally,cheaper digital games would promote a more environmentally friendly approach,as that would mean fewer cases and discs becoming waste.
Now, in retail,things look a whole lot different. Even though prices will vary retailer toretailer, the majority of them took on the Premium Online Edition as areplacement product, stocking it for the standard AAA price of $59.99, andbumping standard GTA 5 down to $29.99. Not as a temporary discount, butpermanently.
The fact thatGTA 5 retained full retail price for over 4 years is a feat on its own, so itwas about time for this price-reduction to roll around.
So, now that wehave pricing down, is buying this version worth it? The retail version is apretty decent deal, though we wouldn't call it a "must buy". Ourthoughts on the contents of the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack can be summedup as a somewhat decent collection of items with only a few truly useful onespeppered among those which you'll abandon the moment you earn some proper GTA$.

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