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Answers To Your Questions About The Future Of Elsword

May 15, 2018 7:43 pm
Back in October,Siliconera readers were asked by KOG Studios, the creator of Elsword, what theywould want from the MMORPG going into the future.
Specifically,the questions asked were “What would you like to see in a new Elswordcharacter?” and “What do you think is currently missing from Elsword?”
There wereplenty of responses and KOG was able to go over many of them and provideanswers which is what you can read below.
Does KOG haveany plans to create a PvE / dungeon environment that allows Elsword  players to play dungeons on a larger scale(eight players taking on a longer dungeon)?
We currentlyhave nothing planned, but we understand that playing Elsword with other gamersis a very important aspect of the game. That is why we are releasing thePerkisas (Raid Content) update with the winter update.
Just to give youa brief sneak peak, the story is like this: Long ago, many holy beasts were spreadaround the continent by the giant El. Some holy beasts protected the land, butothers pillaged and went on a rampage. The red dragon Perkisas, the Incarnationof Greed, resides deep under the Ellian ground with a vast treasure hoard.Perkisas soon grows bored and tired of taking what he pleases and seeks a newform of entertainment. He starts to spread rumors that whoever defeats him willget his treasure, and rumor also has it that anyone who passes his 3 trialswill gain the power of Perkisas himself, but as of yet, not a soul has passedthese trials. Meanwhile, Glaive coerces the Elsword crew to become stronger asboth a team and in martial prowess. Then baits them into attempting the trialsof Perkisas. Will Elsword and his crew be able to overcome the trials ofPerkisas and claim the immense legendary power? You’ll have to play and findout.
With allupcoming NA content being almost exactly what is in the Korean version, whatreason will NA players have to get excited about something new or differentbeing offered to NA players? Many players already know what’s coming, and anumber of NA media already posts what’s on the Korean version.  Will therebe any major updates that will be NA exclusive?
We agree that a standardized contentrelease schedule can feel less exciting; especially if players know all aboutit beforehand with the help of community-based translations. We are trying ourbest to localize, designing Elsword with a global versus lessregionally specific appeal as best we can.

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