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World of Warcraft Gold Worth More Than Some Real-Life Currencies

May 13, 2018 7:45 pm
Are you farmingWorld of Warcraft gold? You might be(relatively) wealthy.
World ofWarcraft gold has been a market in itself. In past expansions, gold sellingsites would take to creative ways to advertise their websites. One such methodwas to have floating level 1 characters spell out the URL to gold sellingsites. These sites would use hacked World of Warcraft accounts to advertisethese services. Thankfully, there are now various ways and means for players toblock and report these individuals from ruining the game experience.
World ofWarcraft gold worth more than Venezuelan bolivar
World ofWarcraft gold is so valuable that it is even worth more than the currencies ofentire countries. One of these countries, Venezuela, has been experiencing massiveinflation in recent years. One dollar is worth about 10,000 World of Warcraftgold, while one dollar is worth almost 70,000 bolivares. This is based on theblack market rate, namely because the country is currently in political andeconomic upheaval.
World ofWarcraft currency, as of this writing, is worth more than several otherreal-life currencies as well. The Indonesian rupiah ($1 = IDR 14,096), Iranianrial ($1 = IRR 42,024), and Vietnamese dong ($1 = VND 22,783) are all worthless than World of Warcraft currency according to XE Corporation.
World ofWarcraft petro cryptocurrency
VenezuelanPresident Nicolas Maduro launched a cryptocurrency called the petro in February2018. The cryptocurrency is allegedly backed by Venezuela’s vast oil and mineralreserves. The petro is equivalent to the price of a single Venezuelan oilbarrel, much like World of Warcraft has set a price for a token (1 token is nowapproximately 200,000 gold, or $20). There are also reports that the bolivarwill be revalued in June 2018 as the bolivar fuerte (strong bolivar).

What do youthink of all your in-game gold farming efforts actually being worth it? Do youplan to farm even more World of Warcraft currency for the new expansion? Let usknow in the comments below!

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