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What's digimon masters

May 10, 2018 11:21 pm

Digimon Masters
Online isthe latest MMO featuring the ever-popular Digimon franchise. This long awaitedgame will feature a deeper RPG experience, enhanced graphics andadrenaline-pumping real-time combat. Both new and long-time Digimon fans cannow immerse themselves into this new epic adventure with their very own Digimons.
What's aDigimon?
Digimon, shortfor Digital Monsters, is a globally popular Japanese media franchise featuredin countless TV series/animes, mangas, video games, films, toys, collectiblecard games, etc. Digimons are creatures inhabiting in the Digital World, avirtual space created by humanity's various communication networks and theirdevelopers.
Digimons areraised by humans referred to as 'Tamers' and they go on thrilling adventures todefeat evil Digimons and human villains who strive to destroy the peace of theDigital World and the real world.
This world islocated within the main host computer, Yggdrasil, and is controlled/managed byartificial intelligence.
All Digimonseach possess unique artificial intelligence which allows them to think, judgeand communicate.

As Digimons eachgrow from their youths to adult forms, they go through several steps ofDigivolution (Digi-Egg - Rookie - Champion - Ultimate - Mega), to become morepowerful and to survive.
Game Features
MMO-basedreal-time combat with enemies
100+ MercenaryDigimons
Digimon RidingModes
Raid bosses,dungeons (Party Mode available)
Digimon/accessoriesreinforcement system
Up to 50 Mapsand worlds (much more to come!)
Guild systemalong with ranks and titles
Friend system
Trading system
Achievement& titles
Party system
Costumes &avatars

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