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Top 5 Causes of Death in Path of Exile

May 10, 2018 11:20 pm
For years, Pathof Exile (PoE) has been blazing the trail as a leader in online actionRPGs.  Set in Wraeclast, the fictionalworld within the game boasts deep character customization with a robust catalogof POE items for equipping any player. When combined with the hearty pathof exile currency  platform, you’resure to have everything you need to build an epic character that’s ready toface the perils of Wraeclast!  But eventhe most well-equipped, heroic character can be overcome at times.  Let’s take a look at some of the top causesof death in Path of Exile.
All PoEadventurers encounter monsters from time to time.  Luckily for the weary player, monsters do nothave mana, but they will use special abilities and a specific set of monsterskills when they attack.  Most monstersare normal, but some are magic, with increased stats and one monster affix.Other monsters are rare or unique.  Raremonsters have highly increased stats and three monster affixes.  Unique monsters are custom NPCs that spawn incertain areas, and they’re often bosses.

Whether you’rebattling Doedre the Vile in the Toxic Conduits or chasing the Blessing of Xophthat Xoph drops when defeated, bosses are a leading cause of death amongill-prepared players.  Most bosses are notto be taken lightly and require planning and cooperation.  Many scrolls are filled with tales of epicboss battles and the legends of death-defying heroes.
PvP(player-versus-player) matches can be set up by players and are an excitingaspect of the game that can lead to death. PvP players can duel, which immediately teleports them to an arena wherethey can duke it out, mano-a-mano. Capture the flag matches pit teams against one another in a battle tocapture your opponents’ flag.  Manybattlers fall in these mammoth matches. Cut-throat battles are races in which characters enter an opposingplayer’s instance and battle to the death. Tournaments are death-inducing, short-term events where the goal is towin as many matches against paired opponents.
Going AFK
There comes atime in every adventurer’s journey where the player must leave a characterin-world and AFK (away from keyboard). Unfortunately, fate often intervenes, and a random mob comes strollingby your unaware character.  You, the player,will then return to find that your hero has been swarmed by a group of hulkingtitans. Dying while AFK is frustrating, so when you have to do it, findsomewhere safe.
The DreadedDesync
There are timeswhen the game client on your computer goes out of sync with the gameserver.  When this happens, you havedesynced and are disconnected from the game. There may be times when desync while your hero is in a battle or someother treacherous situation, and when you log back into the game you find thatyour character has been defeated.  Thedreaded desync has struck again!
There Comes aTime
Precarioussituations and grandiose battles challenge players throughout PoE, lurkingaround every corner of Wraeclast.  Vilebeasts and intrepid adversaries lie in wait to harass, thrash, and vanquishwanderers and heroes alike.  Death maynot be certain, but it takes advantage of every possible opportunity in Path ofExile.

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