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Rocket League

Jan 24, 2018 9:13 pm
1. Team Dignitas sign Chicago, Zol, and Turtle to new Rocket League team
2. Team Dignitas sign Chicago, Zol, and Turtle to new Rocket League team

After expanding into Super Smash Bros. earlier this month, Team Dignitas are entering another new game.The Philadelphia 76ers-owned esports organisation is signing its first

ever Rocket League team, and they've picked up a few of the game's top players.Rocket League key</p>

The new squad contains Reed 'Chicago' Wilen, Zoli 'zol' Digness, and Isaac 'Turtle' App.Team Dignitas are now involved in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Heroes of the Storm,

SMITE, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, and Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Rocket League launched in 2015, and has surpassed 39 million players. The esports scene surrounding the game is steadily on the rise, as more and more organisations start to

sign professional players.

We have kept a close eye on Rocket League and have been impressed with its rapid growth and incredibly passionate fan base,' said Chad Biggs, Harris Blitzer Sports &

Entertainment Senior Vice President of Corporate Partnerships and Activation.

We are confident that we will find engaging ways to connect Rocket League with our fans and partners as we await the accomplishments that this young team will achieve.'Chicago

and zol are well acquainted with each other already, after going 7-0 in Season 1 of the Rocket League Rival Series.

They'll be joined by Turtle, who has played in the Rocket League Championship Series for three years. He played for Atelier during Season 3, and later played for Rogue at

DreamHack Summer 2017.

Turtle also has a popular Rocket League YouTube channel.  

As a young player, you grow up hearing about the powerhouse Team Dignitas, and to now play for them is an exceptional opportunity,' Chicago said. 'The support and family

atmosphere of Team Dignitas is going to take the Rocket League Team to the next level.'

Dignitas' Rocket League team will be the youngest team under the banner, with an average age of just 18.Turtle is 17, zol is 20, and Chicago is just 16 years old.The players

will be competing under the Team Dignitas banner for the first time at DreamHack in Leipzig from January 26-28.

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