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Hunter x online guides

Jun 28, 2017 1:16 am
I share some guides about Hunter X online..

World Boss

The World Boss event is available to all players in a server at the given time daily.

It is unlocked three times every day. During the opening hours, players can enter instances to battle.

The battle ranking is based on the damage dealt. Each attack damage dealt will be calculated. If players are killed by world bosses, they have a 45-second revival time or they can spend a small amount of Diamonds to revive instantly and join the battle again.

Players with 1,000,000 damage dealt can be ranked in the World Boss Ranking. The top 50 players can receive stage rewards. The greater the amount of damage players inflict, the more rewards players can obtain.

Players will be rewarded with Small and Large Nuggets in the event. If they are sold, players can receive a massive amount of Jenny.

Apart from the damage ranking rewards, the players who deal the final strike to bosses can also receive Jenny.        

Quest System

The quest system consists of two parts: Daily Quest and Achievement.

Daily quests are the main way players gain EXP. After completing daily quests, players will receive lots of EXP and point rewards by stages.

After completing required quests, players will receive achievement rewards. There are multiple types of achievements, such as dungeon challenge, hero evolution, and rankings.

Daily Quests can be completed once per day to receive achievement rewards. Daily quests will not change after they are reset.    Hero’s Trial     
EXP Scroll: Use to obtain hero EXP.

Evolution Pill: Use to evolve heroes.

Jenny: Use to enhance gear.

Refining Stone: Use to refine gear.

Code EXP: Use to obtain upgrade Codes.

Hero's Trial Open Time:

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (Rewards: Jenny, Refining Stones, and Code EXP).

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (Rewards: Jenny, EXP Scrolls, and Evolution Pills).

All types of rewards are available on Sunday.

Each type of Hero's Trial can be challenged twice per day. Higher level challenges do not require challenge attempts.

Enhance Gear
Players can receive gear by challenging dungeons, combining gear shards or from events. Gear can be enhanced, refined and advanced.

[Enhance Gear]

Upon reaching Lv.20, players can enhance gear with Jenny. The higher the enhancement level, the more Jenny required to enhance the gear.

There are two types of enhance: Enhance 5x and Enhance Once. When enhancing gear, you may trigger crits. Each crit can raise the gear by one level.

There is a set effect for gear of the same quality. Collect two or four pieces of gear of the same quality to receive corresponding stat bonuses.

Enhance gear every 10 levels to unlock an enhance chain, which can increase your stats greatly.

To trigger the enhance chain, you only need to enhance 4 pieces of gear to Lv.10 at the same time. It does not require gear of the same quality.

Your character level determines the highest enhancement level, which is two times the level of your character. The level increased by crits is not included.

[Refine Gear]

Reach Lv.30 to unlock the Refine function. Refining Stones are used to refine gear. Before refining your gear, you need to select the quality of Refining Stones you wish to use.

Select "Refine" to use one Refining Stone of the select quality to refine once.

Select "Auto Refine" to use Refining Stones to upgrade your gear by 1 level.

Refine gear every 5 levels to unlock a refining chain, which can increase your stats greatly.

To trigger the refining chain, you only need to refine 4 pieces of gear to levels that are multiples of five, such as Lv.5, Lv.10, and Lv.15 at the same time. It does not require gear of the same quality.

[Advance Gear]

Reach Lv.60 to unlock the Advance function. The gear shards used to advance gear must be of the same quality and type with the gear you wish to advance.

There is no chain effect for this function. Each gear can have 3 stars at most.

Consume the required gear shards to obtain star EXP. Each star obtained increases the gear's main stats and adds mystic stat bonuses for the gear.

Loot EXP Dungeons automatically and open Gear Shard Chests to obtain gear shards.

Through the Gear Renewal function, you can turn gear into gear shards and receive resources used to enhance gear.

If you want to know more here, GUIDES Source: http://forums.unigame.me/forum/hunter-x-online/strategy-guide

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