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Liberators: Turn-Based Strategy Moves into OBT

Apr 28, 2016 9:15 pm

Liberators is a World War II-themed strategy on Facebook that has just shifted over to Open Beta. Let's check out the game and the recently posted trailer.

"Will you be the general who brings the Reich to its knees?"

Mutant Box's turn-based strategy brings the events of 1944 and players take control of the Allied soldiers with the intention of liberating Europe. The developer has recently implemented a major update adding new commanders, optimization fixes, difficulty tweaks and bug fixes. Let's check out the recently posted trailer.

Despite the fact that Liberators is a Facebook game it actually looks quite interesting, especially the turn-based combat system. It is a functional online multiplayer strategy game with a decent player base and constant updates. The recent update also brought multilingual versions which expanded the game's audience greatly.  The update also added Simo Häyhä as a brand new commander from Finland.

"Introducing Simo Häyhä, the deadliest shot of the Second World War. Hailing from Finland, this sniper was credited over 500 confirmed kills, with scores more that remain forever a mystery. Put his skills to good use in your army today!"

Liberator is an excellent choice for fans of the strategy genre, and since it is accessible through Facebook, you can enjoy the game from anywhere. The World War II game from Mutant Box has great potential, and you should really check it out yourselves. Start your adventure here.

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Jan 9, 2017 2:58 pm
how do i get Simo Häyhä to play with?

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