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Fallen Earth halloween contest prize

Oct 20, 2011 9:29 am
Anybody else playing Fallen Earth? It's pretty fun game. It's like Fallout 3 mmorpg. In an apocalypse world you use guns and melee weapons to survive.
Attention Wastelanders!

All Hallows’ Even is rapidly approaching and in celebration of it, GamersFirst is holding multi-game contest this Halloween for the best game-themed pumpkin carving, beginning Oct. 14th and running until Oct 28th.

GamersFirst’s entire library of Free2Play® massively-multiplayer online games are participating, awarding the top 1st, 2nd, & 3rd-place winners with lucrative in-game prizes for their favorite game.

Game entries are limited to one submission only, so choose your game theme carefully! In order to be eligible:

• Contestants must use a real pumpkin (no vegetable substitutes like squash, zucchini, or eggplant, etc.)
• Contestants must actually carve some part of the pumpkin or make a visible incision to the pumpkin. Contestants may decorate or paint the pumpkin if desired but there must be some carving/slicing/hacking in order to qualify.
• The pumpkin should be themed towards the game title selected in some way, so find your inspiration from in-game, forums, fan sites and social sites.
• You must take a photo of the pumpkin and most importantly in the photo there needs to be a hand-written sign saying "Happy Halloween 2011 – [Game Title]"
• Only one entry per contestant will be considered. Multiple submissions on multiple game titles will be discarded.
• Only submissions will be allowed in the official game thread. All extraneous posts will be removed.

Here’s the break-down on the prizes offered for each game:

Fallen Earth

    1st Place Prize:30-day Commander Premium, the Colorful Sombrero, an Antique Night vision Goggles set, and 4000 G1 Credits
    2nd Place Prize:30-day Wastelander Premium, an Antique Night vision Goggles set, and 2000 G1 Credits
    3rd Place Prize:30-day Survivalist Premium and 1000 G1 Credits

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