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R2 Online "Thrown Event" - by Webzen

Jun 1, 2011 11:22 pm
Webzen hosted an Reserve your R2 Online Usertest Beta-key event of which winners were chosen!!!
The problem is, they never checked the events winners as per "Webzen Event Rules"., by verifying links, advertising the "Event Image".

They just graped a couple of names and announced them as winners without checking and verifying links which was part of the rules when entering...   this suxs.

Legitimate entries were overlooked ... not a great start Webzen

OP   cocyob** wrote:
GZ for keys

Just to let you know dear GM the links from the following winners don't work or don't meet your requirements :


Also I didn't find the following users in the 2nd event thread:

So next time you maybe verify the links.... just saying : it would be more fair for the other contestants if you verify the links.
I strongly suggest you review this event's winner, because I don't want to play a game that is corrupted before it even started !
edited by cocyob** on 2011-05-31

The game didn't even started yet and the winners from the first event didn't even deserve those keys. There are a lot of players that want them badly and the GM's are being ignorant.

I was looking forward to playing this game, but I don't want to be angry all the time because of the unfairness of the GM's.
The best thing to do is to re elect the winners and recognize your mistakes GM's.

GMS response

We are sorry for disappointing you. It takes a long time to check over 200 people’s link. The reason why time takes long is that many people duplicated the links which have written by others. Especially 2nd forum event, some guys have duplicated the link from first forum event so we have difficulty in choosing the right winner among them. Here is an answer for what you questioned

Once again, I am sincerely apologizing for making disappointing you.
edited by GMH** on 5/31/2011

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Jun 2, 2011 12:16 am
What kind of event its?


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    Jun 2, 2011 1:08 am
    Reservation of Revolution (R2)
    Reserve your R2 Online Usertest Beta-key

    Today is historic day for us and you all, because we finally opened the R2 Online (A.K.A Reign of Revolution) forum. We would like to launch the R2 Online as soon as we can and hope to bring you R2 Online in the nearest future.

    **Event Period
    -1st Event Period: May, 16, 2011(GST) ~ May, 23, 2011(GST)
    -Weekly Winner announcement: 1st– May 24, 2011(GST)

    **How to Participate
    1. Post our event image
    -Download teaser event page image(Link Below)

    -Feel free to add what you wish to say let everyone know about R2 Online.
    2. Post the URL as a reply to the event thread on our ongoing event forum.(This topic)
    Ex. http://www.blogspot.com/

    **How to receive Event Rewards
    1. Beta key recipients will be randomly chosen from all participants who followed above instruction.

    **Please note:
    1. If there is no R2 Online image on the URL you have posted, you will not receive beta key
    2. If you do not leave URL to your post on this topic, you will not receive beta key
    3. Event winner will be chosen weekly, each week during Event period (4 weeks)

    We hope you to take part in and spread our first forum event of R2 Online widely as much as you can.
    edited by GMH** on 5/24/2011

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