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Board Rules, How to post and Rewords Please Read

May 20, 2010 3:47 am

Board rules

Welcome to new game discussions Board We hope you have a nice time here :)

How to post

1 Rules
2 How to post reviews
2 Rewards and how to get them

  The Rules

I)   Do Not Spam in the forum. spaming will result to deletion of the post , excessive spam will result to 10hours ban
II)  Do Not Post any adult related content post leave those for the adult zone, and before posting there read the rules
III) No Fights , or Inappropriate language will be accepted.
IV)  Post only about New games. Questions/searching for a game . or anything else not related should go to its correct board
     Posting it here will just have result in moving it to its correct board

Review/Preview posting

I)   Include as many videos / Pictures as possible
II)  Keep it clean and easy to understand
III) If you are posting samone else review please give credits
IV)  If you are going to post a review or preview please reply to the users posting or do not post it at all
V)   Make it in sections if possible so people can find what they are looking for


I)   Quality review/privews will be reworded as Classic post
II)  If the review is good enough A admin will be noticed to give you some points
III) You can get a greater Reward if your review/preview is so good that can make it to the front page

If you have any questions Do not hesitate to ask

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