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Hello, everybody there is excalibur for smite review now lets see  >

What is Smite?
SMITE is an online battleground between gods. Players choose from a selection of gods, join session-based arena combat and use custom powers and team tactics against other players and minions. SMITE is inspired by Defense of the Ancients (DotA) but instead of being above the action, the third-person camera brings you right into the combat. And, instead of clicking a map, you use WASD to move, dodge, and fight your way through the detailed graphics of SMITE´s battlegrounds.


Be a God
Cut through your enemies, encase them in ice, or drown them in a vortex of souls. Choose from a long list of powerful gods, each with their own history, special abilities, and unique playstyle.
3D Graphics and Fast Action
SMITE is a an online 3D action game. Experience the MOBA genre up close with the game camera directly behind your character. All attacks are skill shots controlled by you. Predict your enemies' movements and hit your mark as you experience fast-paced combat.
Mythical Setting
Explore multiple game-modes and maps - each themed around a legendary battleground. Fight opposing players, minions, towers, and NPCs including flaming Phoenixes, Cyclops, Harpies, and the Fire Giant.
Tactical Gameplay
Master your abilities, build your items, and fulfill key roles such as assassin, mage, tank, and support.  Defeat NPC enemies for increased gold and stat buffs. Deny your opponents' victory with well-placed stuns and calculated ambushes.
Players have immediate access to 10 playable gods for free. Five gods are permanently free with five additional gods on rotation. Additional gods are unlocked through gameplay time or more quickly through micro-transactions. Cosmetic skins can be purchased for further god customization.

Want more information? Check out our Getting Started guide, or read the SMITE Beta FAQ.

Name: Anhur
Title: Slayer Of Enemies
Pantheon: Egyptian
Type:         Ranged, Physical
Roles:         Carry
Pros:         High Single Target Damage
Cons:         Low Defense
Anhur, the lion-headed Egyptian God of war, slays his enemies with spear and guile. Weapons equally as sharp!

As a son of Ra, Anhur, and his sister Bastet, rode in the golden barge their father sailed across the sky each day. They protected the ship at dawn and dusk from the world serpent, Apep, who lurked at the horizon. Courageous, formidable, and above all, intelligent, Anhur defended the vessel with his spear and wits, outsmarting and distracting the serpent until feral Bastet delivered a killing blow. With Apep gone, Ra became Pharaoh, Bastet, the Goddess of Cats and Women, and Anhur donned the mantle of the God of War. This is how he became known as the Slayer of Enemies.

As time went on, another feline Goddess, Menhet, ran away from the Pantheon, spurning Ra. Anhur vowed to bring her back from the distant lands of Nubia to appease his father, but when he finally caught up with Menhet, he was enraptured and fell in love. He tied a rope to her neck and led her home, where he requested Menhet become his wife, a boon Ra happily granted.

For Egyptians, warfare is more than bloody battle, it's a means to break the chains of tyranny. Anhur can be found at the head of any charge, crushing corruption and leading the people to freedom. While his spear is deadly, Anhur is cunning and clever, able to outmaneuver opponents in ways they least expect.

Name: Ares
Title: The God Of War
Pantheon: Greek
Type:         Melee, Magical
Roles:         Tank
Pros:         High Crowd Control, High Defense
Cons:         Low Damage
Feared by his enemies, reviled by his father, adored by the Goddess of Beauty, and worshipped by warriors, Ares, a tortured and lonely soul, is the bloodthirsty Greek God of War.

Ares is not loved by the people. He represents everything they fear and despise: war, strife, chaos, and murder. It's said that the sky darkens when Ares takes the field. That he rides to battle on a chariot drawn by fire-breathing steeds and delights only in the clash of battle and smell of bloodshed.

Ares is not loved by his father. Zeus has many sons, but only two with his wife Hera. However, the thunder God has long suspected Hera of having an affair that led to the birth of Ares, perhaps as revenge for all of Zeus' infidelity. For this, Zeus is disgusted by him.

Ares is not loved by his sister. Athena and Ares are both Gods of War. Where Ares represents violence, force, and slaughter, Athena is the embodiment of intelligence, strategy, and leadership. Ares is quick to act and leave a bloody trail. Athena is thoughtful and careful with lives. Often they have been on the opposite sides, most notably at the Battle of Troy, where Athena viciously wounded him and forced Ares to retreat.

Ares is the lover of the Goddess of Beauty. Though Aphrodite is married to Ares' brother, Hephaestus, Ares takes what he wants, and Aphrodite gives in willingly. Their union created offspring almost as terrible as Ares himself: Phobos and Deimos, Fear and Terror.

Ares is loved only by the Spartans, who revere the God for his masculinity, his merciless warrior spirit, and tenacity against all odds. The Spartans, however, know the unpredictable fury of their patron, and bind his statues in chains. This is, in part, to prevent Ares' spirit of victory from escaping Sparta, and a vain effort to keep the God of War contained.

Name: Thor
Title: God Of Thunder
Pantheon: Norse
Type:         Melee, Physical
Roles:         Bruiser
Pros:         Medium Crowd Control, High Single Target Damage
Cons:         Low Defense
Thor, as famous as he is bold, is God of the thundering sky. Yet his hammer, Mjolnir is nearly as famous as he is, and Thor will not be parted from it.

Odin, the All-Father, bore many children, but none as well known nor as mighty as Thor, who had the strength to move mountains and the power to call lightning from the sky. Despite these incredible gifts, Thor's enemies were cunning, bloodthirsty, and numerous. The Frost Giants constantly threatened to invade Asgard requiring every ounce of Thor's near limitless strength just to keep them at bay. Had the tide truly turned, Asgard might have been destroyed, but a simple prank played by the treacherous Loki ended with the creation of Mjolnir, the legendary hammer, and with it, Thor utterly crushed the Frost Giants.

Sif, Thor's wife, had hair like rays of sun through a cloudy sky, and Loki, being covetous, secretly sheared it off while she slept. Mad with fury, Thor demanded Loki fix this. So, Loki went to the dwarves of Ivaldi who forged a golden crown that would grow equally golden hair, a spear that never missed its mark, and a ship that would never sink. Proud of his treasures, Loki returned to Thor and the other Gods, gave the crown to Sif, then bragged that no greater items could be forged.

The dwarf Brokk took offense to this and claimed that he and his brother could do better. Loki bet his head they could not. So, Brokk and his brother forged three items, a ring that made a duplicate every nine days, a golden pig that could fly and swim, and the hammer, Mjolnir, with the power to shatter mountains. As each item was forged, Brokk was bitten fiercely by a fly, yet only on the third did he flinch, causing the short handle on the hammer. When they were done, the dwarves took their artifacts before the Gods and decried Loki's fly disguise. All the Gods agreed that Brokk and his brother had forged greater items. Loki, ever cunning, declared his neck was not part of the bargain, denying them his head.

Mjolnir went to Thor to battle the Frost Giants. Proud and mighty, Thor beat back the evil horde and continues to defend Asgard to this day. With Mjolnir in hand, Thor is an unstoppable force that even other Gods would do well to avoid.

Name: Agni
Title: God Of Fire
Pantheon: Hindu
Type:         Ranged, Magical
Roles:         Mage
Pros:         High Area Damage
Cons:         Low Defense
There are few elements as destructive or as purifying as fire. Agni, God of Fire, is the embodiment of both of these qualities, with a head for each.

Though the source of his origin warrants debate - for there are many tales of his parentage ranging from two simple sticks rubbed together, to the cosmic energy that made all things at the beginning of time - Agni is a pivotal and important God with many duties to the Pantheon. He is the twin brother to Indra, God of the Heavens and Rains and chief among warriors. Conversely, Agni is chief among priests, acting as messenger between mortals and Gods. Every Hindu ritual and prayer is performed in front of a fire of some kind, so Agni carries the words and sacrifices, traveling between the Earth and the Heavens. He is welcome in every home and every hearth and much beloved by the Faithful.

Through his flames, Agni provides heat and light, but also cleanses impurities. Smoke from his pyres create the air and hold the Heavens aloft. The sun, a source of fire itself, brings life-giving energy to the world, and his lightning streaks the sky during storms.

For all his kindness and service, Agni has two faces. One is the face of kindness and purity, turned towards the people and Gods. His other face, grim and resolute, guides the God of Fire, to play his role in the cosmic cycle of creation and destruction, to burn and blacken all the atrocities of the world to ash.

Name: Ne Zha
Title: The Third Lotus Prince
Pantheon: Chinese
Type:         Physical, Melee
Roles:         Carry, Assassin
Pros:         High Single Target Damage, Medium Crowd Control
Cons:         Low Defense
Born to innocence, forced to fight, destined to be a hero, the child-god, Nezha, defends those that cannot defend themselves, especially against tyrant Gods.

For three and a half years, Nezha's mother carried him in her womb. During this time, the Dragon Gods, led by Ao Kuang, terrorized the people, sending floods and storms, and demanding not just food, but child sacrifices to feast upon as well.

Into this world was Nezha born, a full grown boy with laughter in his eyes, trained by the immortal sage Taiyi Zhenren, who gave him the powerful Universe Ring and Armillary Sash. Youthful and carefree, Nezha was also headstrong, often arguing with his father what was right and wrong.

But youth does not last forever, and Nezha's life changed defending two friends against a captain of Ao Kuang's army. Insulted, the Dragon God commanded his third son, Ao Bing, to defeat the boy, but in the end, Nehza slew his opponent. Furious with grief, Ao Kuang demanded Nezha's father make reparations for the offense committed by his son, or he would send floods and storms to ravage the land. Nezha, humbly, sacrificed himself to appease the Dragon God, but evil Ao Kuang sent storms anyway.

Taiyi Zhenren worked his wisdom, and from the petals of a Lotus plant, Nezha was reborn. The immortal sage gave him new weapons – the Fire Tipped Spear and Wind Fire Wheels – weapons to challenge even the Dragon God and defeat him once and for all.

Time has passed since Ao Kuang's ruin, but the winds of war are rising and new Gods of Tyranny challenge the safety of the defenseless. Once again, Nezha will set aside his youth and stand against the tide, for not even death can stop him.

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