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Lvl 150 Patch! Rise of Riederan Patch Notes (11/16/2011)

Nov 16, 2011 4:56 pm

Max Level Increase
Maximum level has been increased to 150
At lv. 140, [Hero IV] upgrade is available
At lv. 150, [Hero V] upgrade is available
Amount of Jewels required for upgrades are the same amount required for [Hero III] upgrade
Lv. 140 main character and mercenaries who have done the [Hero IV] upgrade can raise their magic level up to Lv. 80. When fighting enemies, the magic level will be increased by 10
More details can be found in the in-game encyclopedia
The daily login reward of Lv. 141 characters and higher is Atlantis Gift Box [VI]
The atlas ore cost of increasing diary reward limits is the same as level 121+

Main Character Talent Skills
Main character talent skills have been added
Each main character class has their own unique talent tree which can be used to make them stronger
A main character who has completed the Lv. 130 upgrade quest can obtain a talent by using the talent button on the character info window
1 talent point is obtained every time you level up beginning at Lv. 130
Each talent tier can have a maximum of 10 points assigned to it

Lv. 130 talents are common for all classes and are as follows:
Mighty Offense: Increases physical attack power
Hearty Endurance: Increases maximum HP
Magic Mastery: Increases magic skill level

Lv. 140 talents specialize in attack/defense/support and will be added every 10 levels. These talents are unique to each main character class.

Talent Skills (Sword)
Burning Blade: Increases the damage of Flame Sword and increases the main character’s resistance to fire attacks.
Iron Wall: Decreases all physical damage.
Deflection: At a set chance, melee physical damage received is significantly reduced.

Talent Skills (Spear)
Piercing Strikes: Increases the damage done to first and second rows when a physical attack is used. Deals additional damage to boss monsters.
Lightning Defense: At a set chance, physical attacks are countered, dealing damage as a % of the main character’s attack power. Increases main character’s resistance to lightning attacks.
Perfect Form: Increases multi-hit rate, accuracy, and critical.

Talent Skills (Axe)
Arctic Training: Significantly increases the damage of Freezing Axe and reduces the Action Power consumed upon usage. Increases the caster's resistance to ice attacks.
Hearty Endurance: Increases vitality.
Speeding Bruiser: Increases Action Power received each turn. Increases Speed in TBS battles.

Talent Skills (Bow)
Sharpshooter: Increases minimum physical attack power.
Artful Dodger: Dodges melee attacks at a set chance.
Flaming Arrows: A flaming arrow activates at a set chance when performing a physical attack, which reduces the target's Vitality and Attack Power.

Talent Skills (Gun)
Call the Shot: Significantly increases the chance of Critical hit taking place on the first shot of basic attacks.
Cool under Fire: Reduces damage received from critical hits.
Armor-Piercing Bullets: Increases critical hit chance against targets in Guard status. Increases base critical hit chance.

Talent Skills (Cannon)
Steady Bombardment: Increases damage based on the Combo Count of the target.
Dampening: Decreases the activation chance of enemies’ offensive and defensive proc magic.
Deadly Cannonball: A deadly cannonball is activates at a set chance when performing a physical attack, which poisons the target and reduces their Action Power. Increases damage dealt to structures in TBS.

Talent Skills (Staff)
Battle Magic: Increases the damage dealt by magic skills.
Healing Touch: Increases the amount of HP recovered by healing magic skills.
Empowered Casting: Improves effectiveness of buff and debuff magic skills.

Talent Skills (Instrument)
Haunting Requiem: At a set chance, Requiem magic skill will last an additional turn on the enemy. Increases Requiem's damage over time and explosion damage.
On Tour: Resists Action Power-drain, Speed-drain, and Stun magic skills at a set chance.
Melancholy Melody: Increases Ravaging Melody's Attack Power and Defense reduction effects.

Talent Skills (Power Saw)
Cannibalism: Increases the minimum HP required to activate Destructive Instinct. When Destructive Instinct is activated, a % of damage dealt will be regained as HP.
Iron Will: If you receive a fatal blow, MP is consumed instead of HP, keeping you alive.
Massacre: If 1 multi-hit activates, increases the chance of a 2nd multi-hit.

Cross-Server Market
Markets across all servers have been merged
Items can be sold and bought between servers.
The Market Price is now universal across servers.
The prices of Atlantis coins have been standardized across servers.
Item History now displays the server prefix before character names.
Artisan Bonus Skill Experience will still be accumulated even if the item is in use on another server.
The following will be applied during the maintenance to implement the new Market system.
All items which are registered on the Market prior the maintenance will be returned to the seller via the Mailbox.
Market Price of all the items will be reset.

New Dungeon: Luoyang City
The [Luoyang City] dungeon has been added near Eastern Wu Camp in Central Asia.
Level 140 is the required to enter the dungeon.
Luoyang City is a skirmish dungeon.

Africa Continent
Africa Continent has been changed.
Africa Continent can now be entered through the gate located near the Valley of the Kings in [Southwest Asia].
In the Africa Continent, a new dungeon called [Spirit Pasture] has been added (Dogons' region).
[Spirit Pasture] is comprised of 10 TBS mission dungeons and 2 Skirmishes.
A new town, [Kinshasa], has been added in the Africa Continent.
[Kinshasa] cannot be controlled.

Spirit Pasture TBS Mission
10 Africa TBS Missions have been added.
Can enter through NPC [Kajati] and [Nana] who are near the Africa Dogon region.
You can check the details from the Field Info under TBS [Spirit Pasture].

New Mercenary: Mwindo
Mwindo is a staff-wielding Sorcerer that uses the following magic:
Primal Monsoon Magic that attacks all enemies. Out of all magic skills that currently exist, this magic does the most overall damage.
Beating Sun activates upon using a basic attack. Damages and silences the target.
Main Staff Character can learn the Beating Sun as a Specialization Skill.
Recruitment quest has been added for Mwindo, the African Mercenary.
Mwindo was born with supernatural powers and was persecuted by her father, who was the chief. The chief's suspicions got the best of him and he cast mwindo away from the village. However, Mwindo perservered and her ultimate goal is to become stronger so she can defeat her father and become the leader of her tribe.
Quest can be done through NPC [Sorceress Mwindo] in Africa and you must be at least Lv. 140.

The difficulty level for NPC [Wiseman]'s [Aztec Antiquities] quest line has been decreased. The Exp. and Gold rewards have been increased.
The number of monsters that NPC [Wiseman] asks you to defeat has been decreased, and the amount of monsters from which you can obtain quest items has been increased.
After you have completed NPC [Wiseman]'s [Partnership] mission, you can receive a mission that requires you to defeat the [Mutated Spider King], [Insane Eagle King], and the [Fake Quetzalcoatl].
After you have carried out NPC [Wiseman]'s request, you will receive [False God’s Key] to defeat the [Tlaltecuhtli King].
The difficulty levels for all of the main quests starting from the [Cretan Labyrinth] and up to [Yggdrasil] have been lowered.
The chance of obtaining quest items from monsters has been increased.
The item reward for completing NPC [Zhuge Liang]'s [No Safe Harbor] quest in the [Three Kingdoms Battle of Red Cliffs] has been changed.
General's Loot -> Three Kingdoms General's Treasure
The experience rewards for some of the level 90 and higher main quests have been increased.
Auto-Move coordinates for the "Killing Iron Doll Fighters" quest has been changed
The Auto-move for NPC [Pandora]'s [Puppeteer] quest has been fixed to move to the [Alloy Doll Magician], which is the monster that must be defeated.
Spirit Pasture TBS, [Endangered Dogon Tribe] quest has been added.
The Dogon tribe has been living in harmy with the spirits for a long time. The spirits however, suddenly become enraged and attack the village. You must protect the village from the spirits and uncover the reason behind their sudden change. The truth is written inside an "Old Record" that has been passed down the Dogon tribe for ages. Protect the Dogons so that the history in the "Old Record" does not repeat.
Dogon skirmish dungeons quest, [Sorcerer's Plot] has been added in Africa
Nina, the twin sister of Nana, can hear the voices of the spirits and feels that something is wrong with them. Seek help from the water sorcerer and investigate the reason behind the Sprits' sudden change.
You can start this quest by speaking with NPC [Nina] in Africa.
You must be at least Lv. 144 to begin the quest.
Africa Dogon title quest has been added
[Sul Lyang], who lives near Kinshasa in Africa, seems to recognize you. Who is she?
Wanting to know about the Dogons, Sul Lyang asks for your help.
You can listen to Sul Lyang's requests at Lv. 138 and Lv. 139, respectively.
For rewards, you can receive [Spirit's Kin] and [Investigator] titles.
Dungeon for Princess recruitment quest has been changed from [Cretan Labyrinth] Shadow Dungeon to [Cretan Labyrinth] Normal Dungeon.
Dungeon for Prophet Recruitment quest has been changed from [Hanging Gardens of Babylon] Shadow Dungeon to [Hanging Gardens of Babylon] Normal Dungeon.
Quests on Hui Chao's Quest Reset List are now ordered by level.
Quests requiring you to craft can now be completed through My Home Crafting.
Additional hints and information have been added to title quests.
After accepting the quest, you can check the newly added hints and info in the quest log.
[Luoyang City] quest has been added.
One day, you hear that Cao Cao is going to throw Hua Tuo into Luoyang prison and have him executed. It seems as though everyone in Central Asia has recieved some form of help from Hua Tuo. Zhuge Liang, aware of Hua Tuo's immense kindness has requested your help to rescue Hua Tuo's and investigate Cao Cao's reasons for wanting him executed.
You can obtain the quest from NPC [Zhuge Liang] at Eastern Wu Camp.
You can listen to Sul Lyang's requests at Lv. 138 and Lv. 139, respectively.
You must be at least Lv. 140 to begin the quest.

Referral System Revamp
Referrer can now be registered at any time.
You can register a referrer from the [Community] -> [Referral] menu.
Just as before, only 1 Referrer can be registered per account.
Inactive players who return to the game will have their old Referrer deleted, allowing them to register a new one.
When a dormant account returns to the game, the referrer who was previously registered will be deleted, and then the account will now be able to add a new character as a Referral.
A character who is able to register a Referral will be sent a notification every few levels to let them know that they are able to register a Referrer.
Character who can register a Referrer will have a little chick icon marked on the left side of their character's name.
The chick icon will disappear when the user registers a Referrer or when the user joins a Guild.
Level range for receiving Referrer points has been increased.
Referrers will continue to receive Referral Points up until the referee reaches level 140.
You can start this quest by speaking with NPC [Nina] in Africa.
The amount of Referral Points received increases along with referee’s level.
The items that can be exchanged for Referrer points at NPC [Pointry] in Rome's Bazaar have been changed.
After registering a referrer, the Referrer and the Referee both receive a permanent 5% experience increase buff.
When registering the referrer, both the referrer and the referee receive the EXP buff constantly.
Portions of experience that both the referrer and the referee obtain from battle will be distributed to each other, which will help both players level-up
The shared bonus experience is only given when both players are logged in the game
The shared bonus experience is distributed once every 10 minutes.
Referrer Point accumulation method has changed.
When your referee levels up, Referral Points will be provided. (Same as current)
If your referee becomes a referrer of another player and receives Referral Points, your character will receive bonus Referral Points also.
Starting at midnight, the obtained Referrer Points will accumulate for 24 hours. The accumulated points can be converted into your RPs for next 24 hours starting at midnight.
The points that are not converted within the time limit will disappear; you must convert the accumulated points once a day.
Information on the accumulated on convertible points can be checked in [Community] [Referrer] [Today's Points]. A guide will also be provided through a mail when you login.
How your points were obtained and the point history can now be checked.
You can check the history at [Community] [Referrer] [Point Records].
You can now purchase various timed buff effects to increase your Attack Power, Defense, Experience, and Workload with Referral Points.
The buffs can be obtained from the new Referrals window [Community] -> [Referrals] -> [Use Points]
The following will be applied during the maintenance to implement the new Referral system.
All existing Referrals will be deleted.
Previous referral points will be converted to gold during the maintenance.
3,000 gold per 1 Referral Point.
Gold will be delivered to the Mailbox.

The conditions for Critical activations have been changed in Competitions.
Critical hits will not be activated within the first 3 turns.
Buff effects have been added to the top competition titles.
General, Colonel, Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant
The conditions for the reduction of Fame points have been changed.
When a user has not logged in for 30 days or more, Fame will reduce by 10%
The point reduction will take place on the 1st of each month.
Magic proc effect has been added to Competition Championship mount.
During an attack, [Shadow Lance] will activate at a set chance and attack all enemies.
In Competition, Lv. 141 or higher characters will have their level fixed to 140.
Additional corrections based on level will not take place.
Even if Lv. 140 upgrade was completed, the max magic level will not be increased in Competition.
Excluding certain magic skills, max levels of passive and active are fixed to 70 and 100.
In Competitions, the effects of Lv.140 upgrade and Lv.150 upgrade will decrease.
Attributes and effects granted by Talents are reduced during Colosseum League.
All character's physical attack power has been decreased
Physical attack power decrease amount will be applied based on weapon and mercenary type.
Attack power increase effect from magic skills will also decrease.
Attack power decrease effect from magic skills will also decrease.
In Colosseum, however, the base physical attack power will not change.
Damage dealt by most magic skills will decrease.
Effects of Piercing Damage will not be decreased as much as other skills.
HP recovery amount of magic spells will decrease.
Spells with continuous recovery effect will have lower decrease amount.
HP recovery amount of some magic spells will increase.
Physical Defense increase effect of all magic spells will decrease.
Magical Defense altering effect of all magic skills will decrease.
Accuracy altering effect of all magic spells will decrease.
Critical Hit related effect of all magic spells will decrease.
Damage dealt by [Hell Flame] will be increased.
The following changes will take place for each Mercenary and main character.
Sword Main
Additional damage that takes place when using [Chaos Edge] on top of [Weapon Rend] will decrease.
[Chaos Edge] can be used on up to 3 rows.
Additional damage that takes place when using [Chaos Edge] on top of [Seth's Will] and [Brutal Will] will increase.
Spear Main
Action Power consumption of [Flame Spear] will decrease.
Upon completing the Lv.120 upgrade, the base Action Power will increase from 75 to 90.
Axe Main
Turn Duration of [Warrior's Rage] will increase.
Bow Main
The Action Power consumption amount for [Arrow Cascade] will decrease.
Gun Main
Additional damage amount of [Scorching Bullets] will increase.
Staff Main
MP consumption amount of [Mana Shield] will decrease and the activation chance based on the magic level will increase.
Instrument Main
The Action Power consumption amount of [Requiem] will decrease.
Power Saw Main
The amount of the Multi-Hit Rate decrease effect of [Bloody Mess] will be lowered and the activation chance will increase.
The Turn Duration of [Destructive Instinct] will increase.
Attack Power increase effect of [Destructive Instinct] will increase.
Piercing attribute of [Flame Sword] will be removed and physical damage attribute will be added.
Accuracy of [Lightning Spear] will increase.
Action Power reduction amount from [Lightning Spear] will increase.
Northern Viking
Low level [Ice Ridge Axe] will no longer increase the target's physical defense.
Dark Archer
Physical damage attribute will be added to [Multi Arrow].
Random damage range of [Wild Shot] will be improved, increasing its average damage.
Physical Defense increase effect based on the level of [Holy Guard] will be removed.
Instead, depending on the Monk’s upgrade level, Physical Defense decrease effect will take place.
Beast Trainer
Damage ratio that's applied from the Summon items will increase.
MP recovery effect of [Mana Recharge] will increase.
The MP consumption amount of [Princess' Order] will increase.
Physical attack decrease effect of Signet spells will increase.
Magic damage of Signet spells will increase.
Accuracy of [Mana Seal] and [Seal Staff] will be improved, allowing the spells to land even at low levels.
The Continuous damage effect of [Seal Staff] will be replaced with a piercing attribute.
Attack Power decrease amount of [Seal Staff] will increase.
The amount of the Attack Power decrease effect of weapon breaking spells will increase.
The HP decrease effect of [Vortex] will increase.
Lady Knight
Random damage ranges of [Light Slash] and [Divine Slash] will be improved, increasing the average damage.
[Hallucination] will be useable on the main character.
The Recovery amount of [Sacrificial Awakening] will increase.
The HP penalty of [Hwarang's Aura] will be fixed and ignore the skill level and upgrade.
The fixed HP penalty of [Hwarang's Aura] will not be affected by magic defense.
The Activation chance of [Toxic Sword] will increase, but its effects will decrease.
[Marauder’s Edge] MP cost will decrease.
Damage of [Revolver Rush] will decrease.
Additional damage that takes place when using [Thunderbolt Slash] on top of [Weapon Rend] will decrease.
The effects of [Dawn Harmony] will decrease in Colosseum League.
The life drain amount will increase depending on the upgrade/skill level of [Vampiric Thirst] and [Dusk Elegy].
The Magic defense decrease effect of [Dusk Elegy] will be lowered.
Damage of [Green Dragon Glaive] will decrease.
The issue which caused Multi-Hits to leave the opponent with a small amount of HP without dying has been fixed.

A new magic, [Sparta], will be added to the [Spartan] Mercenary.
[Sparta] is a buff magic that increases the Attack Power, Accuracy, and Critical Rate for the allied Spear Main Character and Mercenary on every turn.
Users can obtain the Book: Sparta from the monsters in the [Tower of Babel] Nation dungeon.

Balance Revisions
Main character's Magic Defense has been increased.
Main characters will now recover more from recovery magic.
Axe Main’s [Warrior's Rage] magic skill has been changed:
The minimum % of health lost to allow activation has been decreased, allowing it to activate sooner.
Warrior’s Rage will now increase Action Power when activated.
A speed increase effect has been added in TBS Battles.
The Main Power Saw Character's [Destructive Instinct] Magic will have the following improvements.
The minimum % of health lost to allow activation has been decreased, allowing it to activate sooner.
A Multi-Hit Rate Increase effect has been added.
The [Pirate] Mercenary's secondary weapon damage has been increased to be 1.5 times higher than before.
[Blood Vengeance] can now be used on bosses.
The duration of [Marauder's Edge], [Hwarang's Aura], and [Concentrate] skills learned by the main character has been increased during TBS battles.
Magic with stun effects no longer overlap/stack.
From now on, when a magic skill with a stun effect is used, only the most recently used skill’s effect will be applied.
The AI has been fixed so that stun magic will not be used on a character that has already been stunned by magic.
[Mana Shield] has been changed as follows.
A Main character that completed the Lv.120 upgrade can obtain up to Lv. 50 Mana Shield.
A Main character that has reached Lv.140 can obtain up to Lv. 60 Mana Shield.
Damage of [Mana Seal] and [Seal Staff] has been increased.
The Damage and attack power decrease effects of Signet/Weapon breaking spells (Shattered Sword, Broken Spear, etc.) has been increased dramatically.
Max level of [Hwarang's Fury] and [Hallucination] has been increased and they now have the same effects as other spells.
In Competition, however, the spells have the same restrictions as before.
Opposing force elements in TBS have been alleviated and the pertinent damage penalty has been decreased.
An issue with an incorrect MP consumption amount after the Lv. 130 upgrade, for the spell [Healing] in TBS battles has been fixed.
The Life draining effect of [Vampiric Thirst] and [Dusk Elegy] will increase based on the upgrade level and magic level.
The turn Duration increase effect of [Cleaving Blows] will not be applied in Competition.
The increase only takes place in normal battles, TBS battles, and Spelltower.
[Flame Spear] has been changed as follows.
In Normal battles an Action Power decrease effect has been added.
In Free League/Championship, an Action Power decrease effect has been added. The decrease amount is higher than that of Lightning Spear at the same level.
Colosseum Damage has been increased and Action Power decrease effect has been added.

The completion rewards for all of the TBS battles in the Three Kingdoms and Alishan areas have been changed.
Commander's Loot -> Three Kingdoms Commander's Treasure
Alishan Shaman's Loot -> Alishan Shaman's Treasure
Alishan Great Shaman's Loot -> Alishan Great Shaman's Treasure
Compared to the existing rewards, the obtainable rewards have increased in value.
Atlantis coins can be obtained in larger quantities.
Newer ring items and craft materials can be obtained.
All items are received randomly from the reward boxes.
The problem with the Win/Loss effect appearing multiple times after a TBS battle has been fixed.
The 'Turn' notification that appears during the TBS Battles has had its effects reduced and is less blinding.
Judgment, Freezing, and Phoenix scrolls effects in TBS Battles have increased.
Increased scroll effects are not applicable to Spelltower Control.
The occasional problem of monsters not joining Skirmish battles after using [Scroll of Enchantment] has been fixed.
Cao Cao no longer continuously sends ships during [First Naval Battle].
The rewards that can be obtained after destroying the Small Pavilion during the [Fleeting Betrayer] mission have been changed.
The problem where players would not be able to proceed due to the misplacement of the Trojan Horse after defeating Polyxena in [Troy's Last Battle] has been fixed.
The issue of turn delay taking place upon destroying vehicles has been fixed.
The problem with the fire effect being displayed abnormally in some of the TBS battle maps has been fixed.
In the Three Kingdoms TBS, [100,000 Arrows], the HP of the ally dock has increased.
In the Three Kingdoms TBS, [Naval Clash], the number of attacking enemies has decreased.
An Issue where the effects would remain on dead characters in TBS has been fixed.
Weapon enhancement effects can now be seen in TBS battles.
The effects will not be visible during Spelltower Control.
In Skirmishes, the frequency of mid-bosses’ appearance has been decreased.
The issue that occasionally caused a TBS mission to abnormally end when one squad member left has been fixed.
The issue which caused quickslot items to abnormally become unusable in TBS battles has been fixed.
The issue which caused the mercenary on top of the vessel to die during the flood in [Reversal] mission has been fixed.

The amount of [Atlas Ore] required for upgrading the Inventor, Cannoneer, Janissary, and Minstrel has been changed.
Some items dropped by monsters in certain individual dungeons have been changed.
Affected Individual Dungeons: Forbidden Abyss, Arachne's Nest, Hypogeum of Death, Sealed Tower of Darkness
Equipment boxes lower than the Pyramid will no longer be obtained.
The chance of obtaining Osiris' Equipment Boxes and higher has been increased.
The values of the items that can be obtained from [Nosferatu's Broken Box] have been increased.
Pegasus equipment has been added.
You must be level 141 or higher to use Pegasus equipment.
Pegasus equipment can only be obtained through crafting.
New food and a new feast have been added.
Plain BBQ, Rooibos Tea, [Common] Nouvelle Cuisine Feast
New projectiles have been added.
Enhanced Titanium Arrow, Enhanced Titanium Bullet, Enhanced Titanium Cannonball
You must be level 140 or higher to use the new projectiles.
New high level consumable items have been added.
Antidote [VI], Healing Potion [VI], Mana Potion [VI], Elixir [VI], Life Potion [VI], Growth Vial [VI], and Stimulant [VI] can be obtained through Medicine crafting.
Repair Stone [VI] and Hammer [VI] can be purchased from the market for a fixed price.
Enhance Stone [VI] can be obtained through Mana Stone Crafting.
Manager's Scroll [VI] can be bought from wandering merchants.
Enchant Stone [VI] can be obtained through a high level Guild/Town Management Quest.
Scroll of Dispel [VI], Scroll of Purification [VI], and Awakening Scroll [VI] can be obtained through Scroll Crafting.
[Evil Equipment Box] has been added.
Can obtain Evil equipment at random.
Evil Equipment Box can be obtained through Gambler De Mere at the Bazaar in Rome.
All crafting skills' max level has been increased to 130.
Book: Mana Shield [III] has been added.
You can craft Book: Mana Shield [III].
Two new items that can be obtained through Tool crafting have been added.
[Fused Devil Stone], [Enhanced Titanium Ingot]
Level requirement for using Scroll [V] items has been removed and item names have changed.
Freezing, Judgment, Phoenix, Life's Blessing, Resurrection, Bewitching, and Enchantment Scroll
[V] -> (Common)
[Secret Vial of Protection] can be purchased at the market for a fixed price.
It has been removed from the Barter Shop.
The following existing items have been added at a fixed price on the Market.
Expert's Soul, Rare Mint, Rare Magnetite, Rare Ginkgo Wood, Rare Brown Rice
Repair Stone's tooltip has been improved.
Some of the acquisition rates for items from Troy, Three Kingdoms, and Alishan TBS dungeon monsters have been changed.

Login & Character creation screen improvements
Login/character creation screen have been improved.
Information on each character class is now more legible and easier to read.
Models that you see for each class have changed.
New faces are available for selection when creating a character (1 male, 1 female).

Convenience Improvements
When the Grand Championship or Spelltower Control opens, you can go to the Titan server right away using the [Teleport to Titan] button.
While on Titan server, you can return to your own server anytime using the ship icon on the right.

Spelltower Control
Additional Oriharukon rewards and buff effects will be distributed to the occupiers when they continuously defend the occupied Spelltower.
In Spelltower Control, the range of Khun Phaen's [Demoralize] has been increased from 3X3 to 5X5.
HP of Spelltower's wall has increased.

There has been a change so that players will receive 90% of their bid Guild points when a Town Control application is canceled.
The problem with the first message not being sent when whispering by using the chat command (/t) has been fixed.
The problem with an empty mail occasionally sent after completing Guild Feasts has been fixed.
The issue of character names being abnormally displayed when completing Guild Crafting while on Titan server has been fixed.
Guild crafting completion messages will not be sent while in the Titan server. You can check the message when you return to your home server.

The command key for the Location Chat tab has been changed.
/L -/A
The Merc. Auto-Battle icon that appears during battles has been changed.
The Workload and Experience values listed for items in the Item Info book will be marked with commas now.
The problem with a previously searched monster appearing in the [Field Info] section after searching for a particular monster in [Monster Info] has been fixed.
The chance of the [Ferocious Gunsmith] appearing in the [Mysterious Saloon] dungeon's [Saloon1F] has been increased.
The clickable range has somewhat decreased for the [Mad Wagon] in [Van Gogh Gallery]'s [Cafe Alley].
The clickable range has somewhat decreased for [Cerberus the Guardian] who is located in [Hercules' Adventure]'s [Cerberus' Lair].
The chance of monsters in the [Ancient Aztec City] area joining into battles has been decreased.
The placement of the [Alloy Doll Magician] monster that appears in the [Bran Castle Jail] has changed.
Previously, the monsters were placed in two different areas, but now they are all together.
The problem with only 'Page 1' being displayed in the Hall of Fame's League rankings has been fixed.
The problem with battle records of 30 recently played matches of the Competition not being refreshed while you are logged in has been fixed. Also, an improvement has been made so that you can view up to 50 recent battle records.
There was a revision so that the grade of an item would be displayed in the Personal Shop's sales note.
You can find the list of TBS missions that you participated in at [My Info] [Character Info] [Dungeon Info].
Luoyang City has been added to [Encyclopedia] [Field Info] [Skirmish].
The issue of Guild Crafting Workload message appearing in 3 lines at the Titan server has been fixed.
The method of displaying Guild EXP has been changed if Guild Level is 120.
When talking to [Guan Yu] after placing him in My Home, the camera will now change views properly.
When logging in or moving to an area, different loading images will be displayed differently based on your level.
When you are not able to enter an individual dungeon, an appropriate message will now be shown.
When you retreat of go offline while in the [Chaotic Yosun Temple] 1F or 2F, you will now be moved near the gate outside of the dungeon.
The issue of not being able to use the mouse scroll in Character Info Dungeon Info has been fixed.
If you are at My Home when Ind. Dungeon ends, game will close My Home and move you to where you should be.

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Need some referrers to get to lvl 10 for a free rune page cause I'm too lazy to farm one up

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Nov 20, 2011 6:33 pm
I don't see Mwindo in the mercenary/class list. Is she implemented already?

Although I saw a new mercenary with an axe. Tamaki or something.


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    Nov 21, 2011 8:03 am
    Mwindo won't be implemented into a quest until early december.

    Tarkan (axe merc) is supposed to be an item mall merc like Vampire and Sheriff.


    Need some referrers to get to lvl 10 for a free rune page cause I'm too lazy to farm one up

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