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How to recruit the Hwarang

Oct 27, 2010 2:41 am
Hwarangs are strong mercenaries who can decrease the attack power of enemies’ instrument-type mercenaries and block their magic. They increase long-range mercenaries’ attack power and combo rate.
Moreover, they increase allies’ attack powers by sacrificing themselves at dangerous moments.

You can start the Hwarang recruitment quest through Hwarang Kim Yoo Shin near Bulguksa at level 112.
Ove[img][/img]rall, there are 24 quests to recruit the Hwarang and the NPCs are Hwarang Kim Yoo Shin, Chun Guan and Mysterious Old Man.

The quests are as follows:

Hwarang Kim Yoo Shin:

1.        Loyalty to One’s Lord
Mission: Join a nation
Reward: Experience: 200,000 / Gold: 500,000
2.        Love and Respect Your Parents and Teachers
Mission: Hand-made Carnation x1
Reward: Experience: 4,000,000 / Gold: 10,000,000
3.        Trust Your Friends
Mission: Give a gift to a beginner (below level [29]) randomly. x2
Reward: Experience: 2,000,000 / Gold: 5,000,000
4.        Never Retreat
Mission: Kill [Transformed Old Fox] x1
Reward: Experience: 2,000,000 / Gold: 5,000,000 / Item: Jiuyokyung x1
5.        Never Take Life Without Just Cause
Mission: Rescue [Innocent Villager] x 100
Reward: Experience: 4,000,000 / Gold: 10,000,000
the groups you'll encounter are 1 Disguised Bandit hiding in the back row and 8 Innocent Villager. Killing Villagers reduces your quest progress by 1, and each Villager alive when the Bandit dies increases your quest progress by 1.
Unless your formation is 6x Archer, you will have a very hard time killing the Bandit without harming any of the Villagers. You can kill 2 Villagers to clear a way to the Bandit, and then rescue the 6 survivors. You will have to kill twice as many groups to finish the quest if you choose to do it that way, though...
The villagers are level 10 and very frail, so it's likely the splash from a cannon/axe/powersaw will kill them. Reinforcements are common, though only the Bandit will attack you anyway.
6.        Killing Monsters I
Mission: Kill [Naughty Goblin] x15
Reward: Experience: 4,000,000 / Gold: 10,000,000
7.        Killing Monsters II
Mission: Kill [Poison-Horned Python] x15
Reward: Experience: 4,000,000 / Gold: 10,000,000
8.        Lover I
Mission: Chun Guan - Hwarang: 1.Lover II
Reward: Experience: 400,000 / Gold: 1,000,000 / Item: Kim Yoo Shin's Letter x1
9.        Chun Guan’s Present II
Mission: White Horse x1
Reward: Experience: 400,000 / Gold: 1,000,000
10.        Importance of Beloved Horse
Mission: Put 1 mounts in the Mount Book
Reward: Experience: 200,000 / Gold: 500,000
this quest actually wants you to have a mount in the mount book. Don't take your mount out until you've claimed the reward for this quest.
11.        Full-scale War I
Mission: Kill [Roaring Unicorn-Lion] x15
Reward: Experience: 4,000,000 / Gold: 10,000,000
12.        Full-scale War II
Mission: Kill [Giant Toad] x15
Reward: Experience: 4,000,000 / Gold: 10,000,000
Giant Toads revive after 4 turns. Turn off your Auto-Searches and you can finish this in one or two battles.
13.        Fall from a Horse
Mission: Talk to [Chun Guan]
Reward: Experience: 400,000 / Gold: 1,000,000
14.        Powerful Enemy
Mission: Battle with [Transformed Chun Guan] x1
Reward: Experience: 2,000,000 / Gold: 5,000,000
you don't need to kill Transformed Chun Guan, not that you should really try. Simply survive the two turns and then run.
15.        Oh Heaven!
Mission: Mysterious Old Man - Hwarang: 2.Mythical Beast of Distant Lands
Reward: Experience: 400,000 / Gold: 1,000,000
16.        Descendants of Gaya
Mission: Sealed Sacred Sword x1
Reward: Experience: 400,000 / Gold: 1,000,000
17.        Killing the Python
Mission: Kill [Thousand Year Old Python] x1
Reward: Experience: 2,000,000 / Gold: 5,000,000 / Item: Kim Yoo Shin's Gift x1

Chun Guan:

1.        Lover II
Mission: Kim Yoo Shin's Letter x1
Reward: Experience: 400,000 / Gold: 1,000,000
2.        Kim Yoo Shin’s Beloved Horse
Mission: Hackney x1
Reward: Experience: 400,000 / Gold: 1,000,000
3.        Chun Guan’s Present I
Mission: Hwarang Kim Yoo Shin - Hwarang: 9.Chun Guan's Present II
Reward: Experience: 400,000 / Gold: 1,000,000 / Item: White Horse x1
4.        Wicked Plan
Mission: Talk to [Hwarang Kim Yoo Shin]
Reward: Experience: 400,000 / Gold: 1,000,000

Mysterious Old Man:

1.        Agony
Mission: Kill [Incarnation of Agony] x1
Reward: Experience: 2,000,000 / Gold: 5,000,000 / Item: Letter of Agony x1
2.        Mythical Beast of Distant Lands
Mission: Leviathan's Heart x1
Reward: Experience: 4,000,000 / Gold: 10,000,000
3.        Sacred Sword
Mission: Hwarang Kim Yoo Shin - Hwarang: 16.Descendants of Gaya
Reward: Experience: 400,000 / Gold: 1,000,000 / Item: Sealed Sacred Sword x1

Hwarang Skills:

This skill prevents enemy’s instrument-type mercenaries from using skills.

This skill increases your long-range mercenaries’ damage and multiple hit rates.

This skill is a last resort when the Hwarang is dying or almost dead. This skill buffs all of your mercenaries giving them additional damage.


Level 20 = 50 Phoenix Crystals
Level 50 = 100 Phoenix Crystals
Level 80 = 20 Phoenix Jewels
Level 100 = 30 Phoenix Jewels
Level 120 = 100 Phoenix Jewels
Level 130 = 150 Phoenix Jewels

The Hwarang is a very useful mercenary both in PVP and PVE. In PVP, it is especially useful in snipe formations for killing enemy mercenaries within just a few turns but it’s also good for stun formations which also have long range mercenaries. Usually, it is placed in the last row because it is one of the mercenaries which are targeted first because of its aura which increases long-range mercenaries’ attack power and combo rate.

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