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Dec 3, 2008 5:38 pm
I saw a guide on titles on the AO main site and thought it would be worthy of posting. This is not mine though. Credits to they guy/girl who made this.

The easiest way to get to these women if you're over level 20 but don't have the Athen's teleport information is to teleport to Rome using the button on the right of your screen that looks like an arch, then walk outside Rome and go to Athens. If you're under 20, you'll have to walk there. You can auto-walk to any of the four women by opening up the quest log and selecting them at the top of the log (Pandora, Klieo, Calliope, or Thalia) and then clicking on 'Auto-move to NPC'. Be careful - you may run into mobs so take care when auto-walking!

The last set of titles are only available by getting more fame points through Free League. The top few ranks are limited by a certain number of people who can have that title.

To choose your title, go to My Info -> Character and choose your title from the drop down menu of titles. You can switch your titles at any time, and it does not cost anything to do so.

There are some additional notes at the end.

Format is Title name - Quest requirements. A monster's name x a number means you have to kill that number of monsters.


Sea King's Guardian - Crab Warrior x 1000
Cubbie - Fire Bear x 2000
Sticky - Starved Snail x 2000
Anteater - Worker Ant x 2000
Tamer - Cerberus x 3000
In Sheep's Clothing - Crazy Sheep x 3000
Flowery - Red Carnivorous Plant x 5000
Puppeteer - Alloy Doll Magician x 5000
Mechanic - Unfinished Machine x 5000
Insect Collector - Queen Wasp x 5000
Archaeologist - Cursed Mummy x 350
Ghostbuster - Kakemaru x 350
Exiled Nobleman - Iron Doll Magician x 10000
Young Princess - Desert Fox x 10000
Hunter - Cannibal Deer x 10000
Flower Snake - Hanahebi x 10000
King of Darkness - Prison Tyrant x 25000
Corrupt - White Knight x 9999
Deathproof - Use Mandragora x 444
Smelling Stale - Use Green Mold x 777
Treasure Hunter - Use Ornate Treasure Map x 500
Bookworm - Exchange books with NPC Goncourt x 25000
Santa Claus - Give a gift to beginner x 1000
Demonologist - Use any scroll x 9999
Linguistic Genius - Persuade Resident x 20982


Fishing Maniac - Try Fishing x 30000
Philanthropist - Give a gift to a beginner x 50
Gourmet - Use Steak x 500
Gambler - Exchange any item box with NPC De Mere x 9999
Shinobi - Shadow Ninja x 5000
Mutant - White Crocodile x 5000
Total Newbie - Evil Sky Spirit x 50
Smelling Flowery - Use Chardin's Perfume x 5
Heroic Soldier - Cursed Soldier x 888
Jeweler - Raise Ring skill to level 71
Performer - Raise Action skill to level 71
Chef - Craft Fish Stew x 10
Executive Chef - Raise Food skill to level 91
Cursed Swordsman - Cursed Sword Muramasa x 1
Astrologer - Lucky Wood Piece x 5


Kind - Provider help and earn credit x 50
Fartman - Use Barley Bimbimbap x 500
Forgotten - Use Secret Vial for Memory Loss x 1
Motivated - Share Monster Info x 150
Blessed - Use Father's Holy Water x 1
Curious - Strange Rock Shard x 1


Holy Knight - Revelation: Honor x 500
Assassin - Revelation: Death x 500
Priest - Revelation: Chastity x 500
Alchemist - Revelation: Truth x 500
Bard - Revelation: Luck x 500
Potion Addict - Use Healing Potion [Low] x 1000
Smelling Fishy - Mackerel Pike x 1000
Hand of God - Enhance any item to [10] Grade
Monster Expert - Share Monster Info x 100
Berserker - Win a Battle with Power Up x 100
Greedy - Mercenary's Steel Box x 100
Strategist - Victory with more than 2 Mercenaries in unavailable status x 1000
Destroyer - Dismantle Destroyer's Sword x 500
Energizer - Use Eel x 500

Free League Titles

Soldier - Fame 10-199
Scout - Fame 200-499
Guard - Fame 500-999
Royal Guard - Fame 1,000-1,999
Safeguard - Fame 2,000-4,999
Warrior - Fame 5,000-9,999
Knight - Fame more than 10,000
Sergeant - Fame more than 20,000, Top 50
Lieutenant - Fame more than 20,000, Top 30
Captain - Fame more than 20,000, Top 15
Colonel - Fame more than 20,000, Top 5
General - Fame more than 20,000, Top 1


New info about the Revelation: Noun items. The items *are* in the game, and count as quest items. They look like skill reset books, and are non-tradeable (of course, as they are quest items).

You need to have one of the quests and then go fight mobs inside the Constantinople palace. You will get an item for that quest occasionally (like other quest drop items). YOU MUST HAVE THE QUEST IN ORDER TO GET THE ITEM. However, it will limit the drops you get of *other* things - a guildie suggests waiting until you've done all the quest drops you need first, as it slows you down. I believe all the quests drop from the same mobs. I haven't tested this out myself yet, as I'm not high enough level, but that's the situation as I understand it.

When there's just an item with a number, it means you have to turn those items into the NPC and you will lose them. However, you can buy them from the market instead of getting them yourselves if you so desire.

Some of the items are under Skills -> Crafting -> Quests.

When you have to do something that can fail (fishing for the Fishing Maniac title, gambling equipment boxes for the Gambler title), it only counts if you succeed. For the gambling of boxes, each box you get back (even if it's multiple boxes at once) counts as one success.

Some of these may require you to re-do quests by using Secret of Time licenses - available on the market or by crafting licenses.

The Hand of God quest is for enhancing an item to grade 10, not enchanting an item to grade 10. That means you need to speak to Vulcanus in Rome and use enhance stones, not enchant stones. (See a guide on enhancing and enchanting for more details about this). THIS MEANS DO NOT MAKE TWO +9 ITEMS AND THEN ENCHANT THEM TOGETHER OR YOU WILL REGRET IT!!

If you're doing the Demonologist title quest, do it early, before you hit 31, if you can. Scrolls are much cheaper at that level. (<- Is still working on it at level 60 and rather regrets it). Also, getting a bonus scroll in PVP does not count towards your limit.

There's a rumor (not confirmed by me, sorry) that the mercenary steel boxes for the Greedy quest are only given by the wandering mercenaries you have to spend a lot of money on to get them to join your party (like most monks) - more than the 20k most mercenaries require.

Winning a battle with at least two mercenaries in the unavailable status for the Strategist title means going to the formation window and unchecking one of the boxes for two of your mercenaries so they are 'ghosted out' during the battle and you can't use them. It does not mean the mercenary has to be unconscious.

Persuading residents for the Linguistic Genius title means convincing the wandering residents to go to your town. You get a certain number of people for each of the wandering residents you convince - usually between 50 and 200 people. You cannot do this quest unless your guild owns a town.

You can only have one free league title at a time, and as your fame changes, so does which title you can choose - either up or down.

Currently, with the servers occasionally going down at random times, there's a strange bug where if you haven't completed a quest yet, you lose the things you had counted towards the completion for a certain period of time - it's almost a roll-back, but only for quests. These quests are affected by it, so be warned. You do NOT lose items, however.

I believe that's all. Please let me know if there's anything unclear or confusing!

yes there are new titles, Noble which needs Fausta's hand mirror, Sea palace, Arachne, and Hypogeum bosses 10x.


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Guild: Member of Ice
Other info: Like to trade info with others. I have 73% currently.
Level: 96 and still leveling very fast.

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Dec 4, 2008 3:06 pm
wow! thanks for posting this one here. it would really be of help for other people who want titles too. as of the mo, i'm working on the title treasure hunter and i still have 480 ornate maps to go. haha.

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    Dec 4, 2008 4:05 pm
    Just go to athens and look for pandora or her sisters that gives you title... some title quest are tiring like you have to kill 1000 small dragon something like that...

    Dec 25, 2008 2:14 am
    Is there a benefit to having a title or is it just for show?

    Dec 25, 2008 11:19 am
    woah, i was shocked that there are such titles that exist in the game. hahaha. i guess ill be getting one soon. i hope its really not that hard. ^.^

    Dec 30, 2008 3:10 am
    can i get the philantropist and santa claus title at the same time? or i should repeat giving gifts again if i'l get the santa claus title?? Haha

    Dec 30, 2008 4:09 am
    You can do the quests simultaneously as long as they came from diff girls. e.g. I did both monster expert & motivated. I had to share 100 monster info & 150 monster info.
    I ended up sharing 150 monster info cuze the 2 overlap.
    I'm pretty sure both santa claus & philanthropist overlap too

    By the way, the titles do have benefits, not just for show. it is only the FL title that is for show.


    Check this out. the more difficult/less worth it titles' benefits are not in yet.
    This post has been modified on Dec 30 , 2008 04:12:58 AM by   Tregonial.

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      Dec 30, 2008 9:45 am
      im doing the "gambler" title now, before i thought that i just have to exchange 9999 boxes to gambler de mere but i learned that it must be a successful gamble in total of 9999 boxes.. this will be hard!!  


      Dec 31, 2008 9:40 am
      i think, the hardest title to acquire is the executive chef title where you have to acquire a level 90+ food crafting skill level. hahaha! i want to have this title because i like food and cooking!

      Dec 31, 2008 10:05 am
      actually, food is quite easy if you have a high level auto craft. just craft and sell for 0 profit then use that money to craft again. you can easily go through 5000+ of 1 type of food each day.


      Need some referrers to get to lvl 10 for a free rune page cause I'm too lazy to farm one up
      Jan 18, 2009 5:34 am
      this is a good list. i saw this one in the AO main forum site the other day. ^-^ anyway, i learned a lot through this guide and am currently working on my cubbie title quest. ^-^

      Jan 21, 2009 6:30 pm
      Originally Posted by Afela
      Is there a benefit to having a title or is it just for show?

      yes, there are benefits now such as +x exp +x def +x atk +x workload. It just depends on the title. The titles are also for show so you can brag about the hard ones lol


      IGN: IceMageWiz
      Server: Thebes
      Class: AxeMan
      Guild: Member of Ice
      Other info: Like to trade info with others. I have 73% currently.
      Level: 96 and still leveling very fast.

      Sword-Beast Trainer-Spear

      Ind. Dungeons:
      Lvl 90: 1, Lvl 94:1

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        Jan 23, 2009 9:44 am
        new title quest lvl 96 from fausta:
        Title Noble: required 1x fausta's hand mirror
        Buff: 12% atk 12% def 10% exp
        theres also 3 other new title which required u to kill ind. dungeon bosses, kill each dungeon boss 10 times for each title.


        TheConquerors! - Sikyon
        Jan 24, 2009 5:53 pm
        Originally Posted by DevilSlicer
        new title quest lvl 96 from fausta:
        Title Noble: required 1x fausta's hand mirror
        Buff: 12% atk 12% def 10% exp
        theres also 3 other new title which required u to kill ind. dungeon bosses, kill each dungeon boss 10 times for each tit ...

        ty added that, modified it


        IGN: IceMageWiz
        Server: Thebes
        Class: AxeMan
        Guild: Member of Ice
        Other info: Like to trade info with others. I have 73% currently.
        Level: 96 and still leveling very fast.

        Sword-Beast Trainer-Spear

        Ind. Dungeons:
        Lvl 90: 1, Lvl 94:1

        Apr 4, 2009 1:10 am
        thanks for the list.. id say good job!!

        Apr 4, 2009 9:16 pm
        yup!great job!im doing treasure hunter quest now...effect is experience buff :)

        Apr 7, 2009 1:05 am
        thanks for the post. its really hard to get a title but it will really helps me a lot to level up

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