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Wudang Skills (CN)

Dec 13, 2012 2:20 am

Breeze swordsmanship
NPC: Huo Star (463.368)

Voiceless quiet rhyme
Sharp Jian Qi injury caused by the front of the target point (X) + (N) Yin injury (2 hit, the per hit about Y point), the target each time you use the dodge will be subject to additional injury.


Jianqi breeze focusing the mind, caused by enemies within (X) + (N) point overcast damage (1 hit, every strike about Y point), the target gas for their own "cloud" the fetters and fell. The immediate release of the air, and have a chance to make the target knockdown.

Source Qing Liu Jie
Jianqi endless, brought together first-line, hit the enemy on the straight line, resulting in (X) + (N) damage (1 hit point overcast, each hit about Y point), when the target is the aggregate of the lock tired to make it 3 The overwhelmed seconds.

Delicate and disadvantages must       

Jian Qi Rao mind, cause (X) + (N) point overcast injury (1 hit, every strike about Y point), so that it can not be at ease Parry, the fetters and fall for themselves "Zhuoqi".

Alone clear Awake
Range: 3 meters
Jianqi body care, each parry enemy attacks the breeze Jianqi flourished. Moves "breeze" there "cloud Jing Qing Wei" luck shorter time, higher source Qing Liu Jie damage.


Range: 20 meters       
By the breeze help make Jianqi Dasheng, continuous attacks inflict (X) + (M) + (N) points yin injuries (6 hit, Y points of damage per hit about), when the target is the "cloud" gas tired more damage, better air use.

Xu breeze       

Range: 3 meters       
Rushed to the goal in front, resulting in (X) + (N) point overcast injury (2 hit per hit about Y point), when the target can not parry extra damage

Astrotech swordsmanship
NPC: (593.249)

Yin and yang staggered       

Range: 25 meters       
Wudang Heart adjust op-bearing to play a sword powerful. Such as in the sun, and each time you use the sword will be delivered a Shun Yeung infuriating to enhance their own additional sun damage, such as in the shade, each time you use the sword will raise himself a pure shade infuriating the Upgrading less injury. Each interest rate adjustment will Shun Yeung infuriating conversion to internal forces, and damage the target. The pure yin infuriating conversion blood and stun the target.

The sun and the moon with the turn

The Astrotech sword attack trick, brandish the sword attack in front of goal caused (X) + (M) to point Waigong injury.

Great break Void

Range: 3 meters       
Astrotech sword attack trick pierced two swords to each other resulting in points (X) + (M) external work injury (2 hit, every hit about Y points), this moves can dodge quickly approaching the opponent.

Zodiac regression       

Pick sword break in front of the enemy's parry caused per hit about Y (X) + (M) to point Waigong damage (1 hit point), and the cause the other to lose balance, reducing movement speed.

Jiansheng Tai Chi
Astrotech sword parry stance, Parry success and let the other tendons hindered cause fatigue, arm strength reduction Yang state to enhance a male to enhance an overcast infuriating infuriating, as the female state for themselves but also for their own.

Pole in       

Range: 3 meters       
The Astrotech the sword Hangyunliushui the swordplay headed towards each other, resulting in (X) + (M) + (N) the point Waigong injury (9 strike per hit about Y point)

Yin and Yang designate column       

Range: 20 meters       
Cause (X) + (M) to point Waigong damage (of 2 hit, every strike about Y point), itself in the air, can shoot down the target, Yang state itself in the air to attack targets in the air for 1.5 times the damage overcast status in the air attack air targets to increase anger.

Tai Chi Sword
NPC: Yu Xuan Son (365.252)

Lion shook his head
Range: 3 meters               
EU moves, Smart swing built double-click (X) + (M) + (N), in favor of the target point of the external work injury (a total of 2 hit, the per hit about Y point)

The Wudang unique Heart pranayama proportion of blood and internal forces interchangeable use of the more skillful, interchangeable loss infuriating fewer.

Tricyclic sets monthly       

The Wudang unique breathing method, can reply to some internal forces quickly in a short period of time.

Swallows swept wave       

By (X) + (M) + (N) contains the Taiji sword positive internal force of the sword Jian Qi enemies spread to the point of sun damage (1 hit, every strike about Y point), and causing internal injuries, moving slowed The continued loss of life.

Feint a move to pick open in front of goal, parry and then took only Yaoxue (X) + (M) + (N) (2 hit points external work injury , causing the front of the goal , every hit about Y point), if the goal is overwhelming state were to draw the internal force.

Rhino Moon
The elegant defensive Whenever parry each other attacks will restore internal forces.

Tai Chi Sword Dance
Played Taiji sword in one go, full of the pose beautiful but impulsive, wounded or dead enemies near Jianqi affected, total external work injury cause (X) + (M) + (N) points (a total of 8 hit, every strike of about Y points)

Swallow scared Tan
Contains the Taiji Sword negative internal forces strike, Jianqi spread to the enemy by the (X) + (M) + (N) point overcast damage (1 hit, every strike about Y point), and Yin Jin repulsed, in the next period of time within the continuous loss of internal forces.

Wind swept Plum       

Range: 5 meters               
Luck air sway Jianqi point external work injury , resulting in (X) + (M) + (N) (1 hit per hit about Y points), shot down all targets within make it unavailable dodge five seconds.

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