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Tang Skills - CN

Dec 13, 2012 2:15 am

NPC: Don Shao (941.-111)

Quick sharp stabbed three times X + (M) (3 hit points external work injury, causing the front of the goal, every hit about Y points).


Range: 3 meters
Close triple jab caused X + (M) to point to the external work injuries (3 hit, every strike about Y point). Own "change shape", the incarnation of cause additional damage to the offensive, the moves can take advantage of the dodge quickly approaching opponents.

Blow violently in front of goal caused the point external work injury X + (M) (1 hit, every strike about Y point). Can tear the enemy the parry and cause other footwall poor blood slows movement speed.

Venue for shape       

Spectroscopic catch shadow thorn parry state, each parry the other attacks increase a "wrap" infuriating.

Qianzong gingerly trace       

Throwing smoke bombs, to produce a smoke area, the smoke within enemy units, poor blood, blood loss sustained. At the same time enhance the friendly the dodge and close powerful.

Make groundless accusations
Dagger        Wrath of strokes (Yin)        Fierce offensive to the surrounding emit Qi Jin is Qijin spread to the enemy wounded or dead, causing X + (M) + (N) (a total of 6 hit point external work injury, per hit about Y point).

Range: 3 meters       
Swooped down from the sky, with the whereabouts of the momentum of the target caused by a strong blow to cause X + (M) point Waigong damage (1 hit, every hit about Y point), the target to bleed, and can not be used within a certain time dodge.

The Jin Yi stab
NPC: Tang Yue (987.-170)

Scales latent       

Range: 3 meters       
X + (M) point external work injury (a total of 3 hit close triple jab caused per hit about Y point) If the body with the accompanying shenfa will the momentum Huawei offensive additional shade to hurt, the moves can be use of dodge fast approaching opponents.


Range: 25 meters       
Aim at each other like a serpent's tongue main point injection a hidden weapon to hit each other causing X + (L) points external work injury (1 hit, every strike about Y point), and will lead to the other whole body paralysis, lost three seconds of action and resistance ability.


Jin Yi thorn Heart, luck enhance their movement speed by 35% for 15 sec.


The violently strike in front of cause X + (M) (1 hit point external work injury, per hit about Y point), any parry this move will only be a powerful force blow fly and cause the other paraplegia 30% reduction for 8 seconds.


Jin Yi thorn defense posture, the other force into own attacks incidental overcast injury.

Swallow whales       

Range: 3 meters       
Dagger        Wrath of strokes (Yin)        Jin Yi thorn ultimate moves, jab consecutive opponents in a short period of time to cause X + (M) + (N) points external work injury (a total of 15 hit, the per hit about Y points), with the the accompanying shenfa use better, out of a storm blow.

Back to bite
Jin Yi basic routines, X + (M) external work injury caused front of goal (of 2 hit, the per hit about Y point)

Ecstasy dart
NPC: Tang Xie language (1030.157)

Meteor Chasing the Moon
Range: 25 meters       
Ecstasy dart basic techniques, external work injury caused by point X + (L) (1 hit per hit about Y point)

Flying smallpox       

Range: 25 meters       
Continuous injection three darts with lightning speed, causing X + (L) the point Waigong damage (3 hit, every strike about Y point)

Ecstasy dart Routine according Heart, you can use the internal forces let the unique Neijin threw darts with Ecstasy dart target by an additional negative injury, while the other footwall poor blood slows movement speed.


Range: 25 meters       
Ecstasy-dart-breaking anti-technology, this record contains a unique internal forces darts can penetrate the other parry cause X + (L) the point Waigong damage (1 hit, every strike about Y point) if the other party only waste more vain attempt to resist parry endurance.

Gossamer reminder soul       

Ecstasy dart Parry posture, each parry leveraging to own the other attacks, to enhance the movement speed.

Deception life-threatening
Ecstasy the dart Heart stunt within 30 seconds to make their own attack with overcast injury, if the other barely Parry will receive the extra parry endurance consumption.

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