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Emei Skills (CN version)

Dec 13, 2012 2:22 am

NPC:Mu 277.108


Yunxia stab the basic attack routine, hit the front of the goal overcast damage caused by X + (N) points (a total of 3 hit, every hit about 19:00).

Right a wrong       

Range: 3 meters       
Straight to take the crucial point of the enemy, overcast damage caused by X + (N) points (2 hit, every hit about 33 points), the moves can take advantage of dodge fast approaching opponents..

Clear sky

Feint in front of the enemy, if the the enemy fooled parry, then break parry cause X + (N) point overcast damage (1 hit, every hit about 36 points), took the opportunity luck to restore the internal forces.


Yunxia thorn defense posture of Jin Emei unique way, the other poor blood decrease physique

Cloud steaming Xia Wei
Yunxia thorn unique practices acupuncture injection infuriating to help his teammates continued to resolve congestion, while in the luck of the process, they have gained a Yunxia infuriating, so next needling with soft injury

Cremaster broken veins

Yunxia thorn even dance, special interior strength can accelerate friendly blood replies, resolve congestion, spare concussion around enemy, causing X + (M) + (N) points yin injury (a total of 11 hit, every strike about Y point).

Asakumo Muyu
Range: 3 meters       
Qingshenjianfei jumped to pick its main point to let it falling on the ground for aerial target, dagger, its body paralysis: after a period of time to reduce the movement speed, and you can not use the dodge.

Parting thorn
NPC: Hua Zhen floc (432.146)

Love parting bitter       

(1 hit, every strike about Y point), for an increase of "leave suffering caused by X + (N) on the front of the goal point external work injury.

Range: 3 meters       

Cause external work injury X + (N) (3 hit, every hit about Y points) the extra rage after use, increased anger value increases with the leave suffering and the number of superimposed, this moves you can make use of the dodge fast close to the opponent.

X + (N) external work injury caused to the range (1 hit, every strike about Y point), make a strong impact around the local units vertigo.

Soul go shadow       

Breaking anti X + (N) successfully caused to point external work injury (2 hit, every strike about Y point), to break up all the anger of the target, and beaten anger energy added extra soft property damage.

Far more than       

Parry success increase "leave suffering and an additional increase in the value of their own anger.

Shrike delphinium

Homeopathic high-speed impact from the air and the ground to causing X + (N) points external work injury (1 hit per hit about Y point), if the goal is to "Rain hate cloud unhappy stun state, additional damage and hit a flying target, own leave suffering "superimposed on the more the number, the higher the damage.

Death Juesu
Per second the overlay a layer of state "Juesu,": The defense reduced but improve their movement speed, attack damage increased. Superimposed layers is higher, the higher the injury. The target layers according to their own will "leave suffering additional damage in this state.

Part forever
The anger erupted greatly enhance their ability (movement speed, close the power, defense force) for 12 seconds.

Jinding Mianzhang
NPC: 613.117

Vatican heart fell monsters
Range 20 meters       
Taking a palm shoot KINGS CROSS cause X + (N) points soft damage (1 hit per hit about Y point), the strong force led to the other side footwork instability slows by 20%, stacks up to 3 times.

Auspicious beginning       

Throughout the target impulsive, accelerate blood replies, resolve congestion, and hurt enemies around.

Five gas Ching Cheung
Contains the Emei unique internal forces beat up cause X + (N) point soft injury (1 hit per hit about Y point), not only can break the other parry, and will destroy each other's anger.

Countercurrent handful of sand       

Emei unique unloading force skills, the other out of balance, slows by 20% stacking up to 3 times.

Gangfeng push cloud

Range: 3 meters
Close fast two palms, while the other is out of balance caused by X + (N) knockouts point soft injuries (2 hit, every strike about Y point), this moves can dodge quickly approaching the opponent.

Jinding Fo Guang
Emei detached internal strength to teammates the Jinding Hutizhenqi and own transport, infuriating exist only withstand some of the damage.

Spirit in
Range: 20 meters       
The issue a darling of the palm of the air target causing X + (N) (1 hit point soft injury, per hit about Y points) hit a flying target when the target by the Vatican heart fell monsters deceleration.

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