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Blissful Valley Skills - CN

Dec 13, 2012 2:26 am

The days off thorn
NPC:  (264.115)

Jiuyou chilly wind
Bliss sent a unique approach to move more quickly, an increase of 30% movement speed achieved by stimulating their points, but this method will lead to its own internal force continues to lose.

Bliss sent insidious effort to enhance own needling injury, but by learning special poison gas poison gas losses physique, 200 points lower blood limit.

Goblins fought over       

Own flesh and blood feeding evil insanity in exchange for negative damage when piercing the flesh and blood of the enemy's body is eating away goals.

Viper's tongue       

Rnage: 3 meters       
Bliss needling stab attack trick, Yinhen fast, cause X + (M) point Waigong damage (3 hit, every strike about Y point); This moves can dodge quickly approaching the opponent.

Female soul OBE       

Weapons pierced the enemy of the hands of the high-speed rotation, causing X + (M) -point external work injury (4 hit, every strike about Y point);

Shura bone decay       

The vagaries of a thorn on the front of the target, causing X + (M) point external work injury (1 hit, every strike about Y point); lead after the break the other parry each other main point traumatized cause bloodshed, and over a period of time can not display dodge .

God of Plague IV overflow
When anger erupted bliss needling users to enter the crazy bloodthirsty, such as life state, enhance the bliss needling the power of 100%, this Yinxie kung fu can drink blood pushed each hit each other's blood drink.


Evil insanity attached on top of the weapon, every parry attacks, will draw the enemy with poison life, continue to erode each other.

Herd knife
NPC: Jie Aung (317.118)

Force split Huashan
Range: 20 meters       
A split Shitailichen blade injuring a number of Zhang Yuan's enemy, causing X + (M) + (N) (1 hit point just hurt, each hit about Y point), when the target is concussion will receive additional The positive injury.

Sharp knife mess
Range: 3 meters       
Extremely fast melee attacks cause X + (M) + (N) (2 hit points just hurt about Y points per hit), when the target is concussion will receive additional positive injury moves can utilize quick dodge close to the opponent.

Tornado cloud       

Fierce chop to the front area of ​​the enemy, causing X + (M) + (N) (a total of 3 hit point just hurt, each hit about Y point), local concussion temporarily unable to make moves for the powerful interior strength.

Make a clean break
Shen headed towards the front of the knife violently strike caused X + (M) + (N) points just hurt (2 hit per hit about Y point), if the other party insists Parry, break the defense concussion place for a period of time Can not make moves.

Meteor catch on       

Herd knife defense posture, the other force into own attack with rigid injury.

Octagon wind and rain       

Herd knife Cheats, violent attack before the regional point causing X + (M) + (N) just hurt (a total of 9 strike per hit about Y point), the interior strength closed target the acupuncture points concussion enemy temporarily unable to make moves.

Gradually electric Herd       

Continuous release a Daojin attack tap the area caused by X + (M) + (N) Rigid injuries (4 strike hit about Y point) released in the air causes the Herd knife concussion some time You can not make moves and resulting in additional rigidity injury.

The bone decay palm
NPC: Fog Fox (247.46)

Hostility of respect for boxing       

Point yang damage caused by X + (N) (1 hit, every hit about Y points), Zhang Feng with an Xuexing Qi,, "poison cited" enhanced poisoning effect can be applied for the target in front of goal.

Hemagglutination seven steps
Range: 3 meters       
Target point yang damage caused by X + (N) (3 hit, every strike about Y point), and make the target fall into a state of intoxication "clotting" target body has a sufficient number of "losing heart" two toxins by mixing into Qidu hemagglutination seven-step ", the toxins slowly onset, target movement speed is decreased, hurt and fell to the ground when the poison.


Point sun damage caused by X + (N) (2 hit, every strike about Y point) in front of goal, breaking anti inject a sinister toxins pound marrow ", the internal forces of the toxins continuously loss target, when the target moves when will damage internal forces according to their consumption using moves, and the toxins will to acquire and grow, refresh the state of the duration.

The rotten bone erosion heart       

The state of the bone decay palm parry, parry after the success of the attacker into a "losing heart" state of 2:00 per second poison damage for 7 seconds, the effect can be superimposed.

Poison Otaki vicious       

Released to the surrounding the three smog, can not be defensive, and the units will be affected by the smog to poisoning.

Discrepancies in the actual biting
Throw to a target area for a bottle of poison manufacture a range smog, which continued to be hurt, and if the enemy across the smog will cause dizziness dizziness.

The surmise bone voices       

Range: 20 meters       
Quickly shoot a special poison Jin Zhang Feng, causing the target point of X + (N) sun damage (1 hit per hit about Y point), the target is in the air, to be able to make the target fall from the sky into a "fracture" state movement speed slows down, and the "fracture" forced use dodge harm and aggravated the injury, increasing the time of the fracture and the slowing effect of enhanced aggravated the injury effects appear only once.

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