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Forbidden Ground: Peacock Villa (updated Hard Mode)

Aug 2, 2012 12:31 am
The entrance to Peacock Villa 孔雀山庄 is located at South West of Tang Men School 唐门.

This guide will only cover normal mode for now, hard & hell mode will be updated at a later date.

Normal Mode: Rank 2 Neigong Lv29 / Rank 3 Neigong Lv19; Max 12 men
Hard Mode: Rank 2 Neigong Lv36 / Rank 3 Neigong Lv27; Max 18 men
Hell Mode: Rank 3 Neigong Lv33 ; Max 18 men

● All members have Formation Gui Yuan (归元阵) from 石夫人 (Luo Yang 1077, 752).
● Two Chess masters with strategies to increase phy def, hp/mp regen and crit rate (坚壁,残兵,背水)
● 2-minute duration HP potions for tanker.
● Each party members should have at least 2 or more "Instance Revive Pill" which can be purchase at 100 L (binded silver) from the merchant.

Recommended party for first timer:
● Wudang - Main Tanker with 天马行空 (Heavenly Steed: Swap HP and MP) and 三环套月 (Tri-Annulus: Heal MP)
● Shaolin - Stun and control invaders; control mobs
● Royal Guard - HP leech debuff on mobs; pull-in ranged mobs; control invading assassins.
● E Mei - HP Healing; Damage reduction with 金顶佛光 (Golden Shell: 75% dmg reduction for 12sec at lv5) ; can serve as a tanker too
● Tang Men - Boss DPS damage dealer, and Smoke Screen (for evasion, and overall party physical damage increase); often tangmen attract the aggro of boss due to the high damage, so get Heavenly Steed (if you can afford it) to become the tanker.
● Scholar - Attack boosting aura and buff; MP healing

The party setup is only for reference. An experience party can clear with any school combination, as long as they have the necessary skills. Also take note that since this game allow you to learn any skills from every school, one can actually function as another school easily by learning the necessary skills from that school.

Formation Gui Yuan Skills:
放虎归山 Tiger Palm (3 seconds CD) - Deals 334 damage to target, lowers target's damage by 5%. (Can stack up to 3 times)
冲锋陷阵 Charge - Can accumulate aggro quickly, tanker should have this skill ON all the time. You can double click on this buff icon to remove the buff in case you're dying. Another party member should then switch this skill on and switch aggro so that tanker have time to heal up.
万众一心 Unity - The more people that switch on this skill, the higher damage 放虎归山 deals! Everyone should have this skill ON all the time, except for the tanker since this buff cannot be activated together with Charge.

NOTE: Formation starter should be Chess Master as he can provide useful buffs with his chess strategies. Formation starter can double click on blue buff icon (布阵者) to end a formation, do this every time before you engage a boss to ensure formation does not end in the middle of a battle.


Stage 1

* Move carefully across the bridge (stand at the 2 sides of the bridge)  to meet Boss 1 南霸天

Boss Skill
Guard Effect: Gain additional Gang damage
旋风斧 Axe Typhoon: 360 degree AOE around himself. Dash away from him to avoid.
错乱迷踪 Chaotic Trail: The boss will dash around and deal damage to its surrounding. Use block during this skill with Emei casting Golden Shell. The dmg is higher if you stay further from the boss. Therefore, it is recommended that the party should stay close and surround the boss all the time, unless Axe Typhoon is cast.

Stage 1.5

* If there are any newbie in the party, it is suggested that the mobs along the wayshould be cleared. Reason is, if anyone die, it would be much easier for them to travel back to the party. The mobs here hit very hard and can easily kill anyone with 3-4 hits or less.
* Effective way to clear mobs safely:
- Someone lure the mobs to the party.
- Shaolin stun all the mobs when they get near to the party.
- Royal Guard cast the AOE HP leech debuff on all the mobs.
- Everyone use AOE skills to clear them.
- If there are any long ranged mobs, pull them into the party with royal guard hook skill or 魔随空生 (Demonic Pull, one of the more useful Jiang Hu skillset)
* There is a mini boss here, but it is really easy since it can be stun and disable. Just kill it together with the mobs around him.

Stage 2

* Move nearer to the entrance of the villa and the party will be captured and thrown into the Elemental Formation 五行阵.
* Everyone will have a buff which represent one of the 5 elements in Wu Xing : Fire, Earth, Wood, Water, Metal.
* There are five light pillars in the pentagon-shaped area, which corresponds to the 5 elements.

* Here, your party members with the corresponding elements will need to activate the 5 elemental pillars.
* The member who clicks the pillars must have the elements which overcome or generate the pillar element (see the figure below)

* For example, the first pillar you see right in front of you is the Fire Pillar. I was the one with the "Wood" elemental buff. So i should go click it.
* However, each pillar is guarded by strong mobs. Therefore, assign 1 party member who can tank or run fast to lure the mobs away from the pillar and towards the rock in the middle. While the mobs get distracted, i should quickly make my way to the pillar and activate it. If i catch the attention of any returning mobs, i should run immediately to the rock too to escape from their persuit.
* After you click the pillar, your elemental buff will be changed.
* The pillars can be activated in any order.
* If anyone make a mistake (which is also shown in the video), ALL the pillars will reset and you will have to start again.
* If anyone die in the maze, he will be spawn at the entrance of the instance. To move into the maze, you just need to approach the entrance of the villa, where the party was captured earlier, and you will be teleported back into the maze.

* When all the 5 pillars are successfully activated correctly, Boss 2 西门煜 will be spawn in the middle of the area.

Boss Skill
Guard Effect: Reduce attacker's attack.
摄魂剑 Soul Reaper: It will target a player and deal damage to the area outside of a small circle of the choosen player. For this boss, it is recommend that everyone get very close to the boss to avoid taking damage from this skill. Another method is to use triple jump when this skill is cast.
无形粉 Stun Powder: AOE stun
乱花迷眼 Illusion : Create copies of himself. If you lock onto the boss, do not switch target and the real boss will be dead soon.

* After the battle, only click the big pillar in the middle when you have looted the chess.
* After clicking the pillar in the middle, you will be teleported out and can never get into the maze again.

Stage 2.5

* Another mini-boss here which can be downed easily without any strategy.
* Clear the mobs around the area too.

Stage 3

* Move to "Peacock Villa Backyard" and clear the mobs around the area before activating Boss 3 马鞭.
* Up to a maximum of 6 player assassins will be summoned during this stage.
* Lure the boss down and into the house so that it is further from the spawn point of the invading assassins.
* Another popular method is to lure the boss to your own spawn point, which is at the middle of the staircase, such that your dead party members can revive and engage the boss as soon as possible. Do note that the staircase is especially prone to lost of boss engagement and reset if invaders push the person drawing aggro down.
Boss Skill
Guard Effect: Add HP leeching effect to his attack.
风卷残云 Whirlwind: Target a few party member and thin the air around the vicinity of the targetted member. All party members in the vicinity will experience 呼吸不畅 (Breathing Difficulty) debuff which reduces their HP rapidly. The debuff is stackable as long as the victim remain in the vicinity.

The key to this battle is strong DPS. Kill the boss before it kills you. If you are dead, revive immediately and go back to the boss to continue dealing damage.

Stage 4

* Move along the mountain trail which leads into a cave.
* Clear all mobs along the way.
* Eventually, your party will end up in the "Hexagonal Formation" area in the cave, which is surrounded by a large blood pool.
* DO NOT click the NPC 高历 which appear near the hexagonal formation. Keep him alive through the 4th boss (by not triggering him) will entitle you to an additional chest after the 4th boss battle
* Up to a maximum of 6 player assassins will be summoned for this boss battle.
* After everyone is ready, lure Boss 4 麻蜂  from the platform back into a square clearing along the cave. Send a few members to control the invading assassins along the cave.

Boss Skill
Guard Effect: Induce a debuff on the attacker, which cause him/her to fall repeatedly.
安魂剑 Sword Requiem: Whole field high damage attack. Extremely dangerous. Must stay in air when this skill is cast (by using triple jump, with feint if needed). The AOE is the whole field. Assign someone to shout the name of this skill whenever it is cast because the party members who are attacking the assassin will not be able to see the boss casting this, and yet will be hit if they fail to jump in time.

* This stage is one of the toughest in Peacock Villa, especially in the presence of strong invaders.
* Do not hesitate to lower the difficulty (lesser invaders) of this stage by letting all party members die.

Stage 5

There are 5 other bosses, on the other 5 platforms in the Hexagonal Formation. You can clear them in any sequence you like.

Guard Effect for all boss in Stage 5: Continuous HP regen.

Stage 5A

* Boss 5A 龙孟 will release an infectious poison status to anyone around him.
* Only send the tanker to engage the boss on the boss's platform.
* The other party members stay at the adjacent platform and only use ranged skill to deal damage to the boss.
* If anyone get the poison status by moving too close to the tanker, do not get back to your other party members or else the poison will spread.
* If anyone get the poison status, just jump down to the blood pool and stay away from others until the poison is gone.

Stage 5B

Boss 5B 杜铁芯  

Boss Skill
群击 Group Strike: Induce a 3 second buff on a few party members around himself. If the buff is not clicked away (double-click), all party members around that vinicity will suffer heavy damage and be pushed back.

* Due to the nature of Group Strike, only assign afew members with good internet connection and fast reflex for this boss, while the rest of the members should go ahead to dispose of Boss 5C and 5D.
* If the party decide to fight this boss on the platform which he is standing on initially, one mistake during Group Strike could result in the whole party being pushed into the blood pool and lost engagement with the boss (reset).
* A  good strategy (which is not shown in the video) is to assign 1 person to lure the boss behind the intial platform he is standing on. The chain behind that platform leads to a wide platform on top of hexagonal formation. Do note that, the boss can still cast Group Strike while moving towards that large platform.
* The advantage for fighting the boss up at the large platform is: even if Group Strike is trigged by mistake, the party would be pushed back but still stay on the platform since it is very wide. The boss will not reset due to the lost of engagement.

Stage 5C

Boss 5C 汤野
* It is an easy boss which can be down without much strategy.

Stage 5D

Boss 5D 狗郎君
* It is an easy boss which can be down without much strategy.

Stage 5E

Boss 5E 吕尸华
* This boss will cast smoke screen. In smoke screen, he has an extremely deadly normal attack, which can deal over 1000~2000 dmg in a single hit. Your attack will miss often due to the smoke screen effect also.
* The tanker should be consuming the 2-min hp recovery potion and has Heavenly Steed for fast recovery of HP.
* Deal damage as fast as possible before the boss kill the tank.
* If ever anyone die, revive on the spot with "Instant Revive Pill" and continue to deal damage (if you pick "revive nearby", you will be spawn all the way at the entrance of the instance).
* A good place fight the boss is at the large platform behind Boss 5C. Lure the boss all the way to the large platform there and run around the area. The boss attack is melee-range and will not  hit the tanker if he run fast enough (Tangmen especially).


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Aug 4, 2012 7:01 am

The stages up to the Hexagonal Formation are more or less the same as the normal mode.

A few things/difference to take note:

[ insert comment and video on front stages here ]

• After killing all the bosses in the Hexagonal Formation, send 6 party members to step on the buttons on the 6 corners of the formation
• The middle platform will rise and open up a new passage to the next 4 boss chambers. The order of the next 4 boss battle will be random.

Guard effect for all the 4 bosses in this stage: Gain additional Gang damage

[ insert map here ]

Green Dragon Stage

• The pillars in the first room will release poison gas.
• The poison status will reduce your HP gradually and can be neutralized by picking up the potion on the floor.
• However, the damage of the poison is very low and normally can be neglected if there are Royal Guard in the party who can apply vampiric effect on mobs.
• You are required to clear a few waves of mobs in this room before proceeding to the Boss chamber.

• This is an easy boss which can be killed without much explanation
Boss Skill
狂风迅雷:Low damage.
血斩千刀:Low damage.
????: Bind all party members around him.
十香软骨散: Stun all party members around him.
回身斩:Moderate damage
大手印: Low damage

• After killing 1 of the 4 bosses (if that is not the last boss), remember to pick up the chest first before pressing the lever in that room
• After clicking on the lever, the whole party will be teleported to the next room.
• This procedure applies to all the 4 bosses.

Red Phoenix Stage

• In the first room, a lot of bombs will be spawned.
• You are required to pick up the water-filled bucket on the floor and pour the water at the altar in the middle.
• After enough water has been poured on the altar, the path of the boss room will be open.

Boss Skill
六合童子功:He will summon 6 children at a certain point during the battle. You will need to kill them first or else your damage to the boss will be reduce to a single digit only. For some reason, sometimes, even after the 6 children have been killed, the effect is maintained throughout the whole battle. The party can still deal damage to the boss under this condition, by the 刮伤 status of Tang Men Rank 2 Nei Gong and the 2 buff from Scholar (Fury Overdrive and Vastness Aura).
鹰击长空:360 degree AOE. Low damage.

White Tiger Stage

• In the first room, once u trigger the trap, the 2 walls will start closing in gradually.
• You are required to destroy the pillar in the middle to stop the trap.
• If you are perfectly aligned along the chain (the middle of the 2 walls), you will be safe from the two moving spiky wall of death.
• You could also stand on the two tiles on the left and right of the room (near the 2 moving wall) to reduce the durability of the pillar. However, you can only do this early on before the 2 walls get too close to the middle.

Boss Skill
长虹贯日: Moderate damage.
玄虚刃: Moderate damage
奇门三才剑: Large 360 degree AOE skill. Moderate damage.
2 to 3 members must have Wu Dang skill 燕子惊潭 to deplete the boss's MP to prevent him from casting the skill.

Black Turtle Stage

• In the first room, there is a mini boss 玄武赤子 in the middle of the room.
• Send 1-2 members to each of the 4 corners of the room, and make sure all the mobs 玄武卫 there are killed before they reaches the blood pool in the middle.
• If the mobs from the corner manage to reach the middle pool, the HP of the mini boss will be fully healed.
• The mini boss has weak superarmor. Do not push or pull the mini-boss around.
• After a certain amount of time, the boss will go berserk and the mobs will not be spawned from the 4 corners. Everybody can just focus first and kill the mini-boss.

Boss Skill
龙象无极功:Fire breath. The flame will stay on the field and will deal damage to anyone who stay inside the fire. The person drawing the aggro must draw the boss to 1 of the corner of the room and make sure that he boss is facing the corner/wall. In this manner, the flame aoe will be minimized. After this skill is being cast once, the tanker must immediate draw the boss to the next corner so avoid get damaged by the flame on the floor (which will stay at the previous corner). When the boss cast this skill, all members can use triple jump to avoid the flame on field too.
波若吼:Roar attack. 360 degree AOE. Emei should be use to lower the damage.
金钟罩:Under this buff, the boss will heal HP rapidly. You will need to pick up one of the flute 笛子 in this room, and use it to remove the buff.

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    Reserve for Hell mode


    FREEDOM - English Guild & Community in Foreign MMORPG's
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    Aug 4, 2012 11:36 pm
    Reserve for Shura mode


    FREEDOM - English Guild & Community in Foreign MMORPG's
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    Aug 6, 2012 9:38 am
    thank you

    Nov 14, 2013 5:02 am
    If I'm not inner 2 level 36 but inner 3 level can I enter in PV Hard ?


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