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Guide of Mercenary Card in Bounty Hounds Online

May 29, 2012 2:59 am
This is the guide of Mercenary Card. Now check it out.

you can access it with [G] key and get your salary from there. You get two kind of salary : daily and weekly. daily correspond to all instance/quest/R&D you've done during the last day. Weekly correspond to the result of your achievements

Each corner of the card display the achievements your character has acquired.
Yellow corner shows the Conquest achievements (Instance Insignia)
Green corner shows the Community achievements (Friend list/Pk list etc.)
Red corner shows Entertainment achievements (Mini-game, Cambria, duel, pay shop)
Blue corner shows Exploration achievements (Map title, personal achievements)
By clicking on corner you can check which title you get and what are the requirement for other.

You can modify your card presentation via the modify button

All stats achievements are displayed on the rank list

Salary use

You can use you salary to play roulette, pay item on emporium or pay your entry on ctu camp. For roulette you can found Effie in Sunshine City (x:500 y:442) or Eva (x:280 y:304) in pmc hq.

To get essence you need to fall on First Price (red)


With this screenshot, you can see how you can access to the title panel. After open it you can chose what title you want to apply.

Tactical device

You can access it via [X] key. At lvl 10 (if i remember well) you win a first chip to unlocks a first part then you unlock it completely at lvl 30.

The first part unlocked is pick up item. You can puts on your Tactical device without pre-selecting anything and get pick up item unlimited.

After lvl 30 you access all configuration of your Tactical device. Be advice about one thing : more you thick option more the time is divided. Choose only Character skills when you want AFK. The maximum time available is 8H of "boting"/8H for reloading it at PMC hq (tactical device recovery center).


Free version of teleport (only one destination which can be learned). Keep PMC hq destination.

source:Mercenary Card

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Jan 22, 2014 8:37 am
Sir aside of rising star title 5% atck is there higher than that attack title?

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