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ArcheAge CBT5 Additional Content(Patch Notes)

Aug 16, 2012 11:07 pm
Source: ArcheAge Source

[Login stage and Preferences]

A.  Character customization features have been added.
Head / eye / makeup / skin / tattoo can be selected.
- Eye / nose / mouth / face shape can be adjusted freely in detail.

Two.  Has broken down the graphics options.
- Low / Normal / halves / High / Very High / user settings are free to choose any of the settings.

Three.  User-friendly options have been added.
- In preference nalteul, cape and quest directional, user-friendly features such as mouse movement can be set.

Four.  Log in atmosphere of the stage has been improved.

[Abilities and combat]

A.  Career choice has been changed.  A first level of ability, the ability level 5 on the second, 10 third-level ability to select
Job is determined.
- The ability to change, first at the level of proficiency level in 10 starts.
- If your character's level rise, the level of combat skills go up automatically.

Two.  Technology in the tooltip that is linked to technology and make it more convenient to determine the effect has been improved to allow.

Three.  In case of death of the monster character, a certain amount of experience has been changed to decrease.
- Using force sister to the temple priests pray, you can experience some of the recovery.
- Less than 10 levels you can experience the death of the character is not reduced.


A.  UI design to fit the new game has changed.

Two.  In order to learn skills window, depending on how technology has changed.

Three.  Party on the map with the location information-sharing capabilities and the tooltip has been added to the NPC.
- Ctrl + mouse on the map jwakeulrikeul set and the position will be shared with party members.
- On the map displayed on the mouse over the icon, the NPC's information can be found.
- Briefly displayed on the map Shift + mouse over the icon, tooltip information can be found in NPC.

Four.  Sign features have been added.
- Right click tagethan state of the target information window or by using keyboard shortcuts can be set on the token.

Methods of five dictionaries, making window material in the parent item and can easily find information about the items.


A.  Quest quest existing bubble was in progress to produce cinema has changed.

Two.  New quests have been added to the race.
- Peregrine case of race, tribe quest Quest video can be found at:

[New Area]

A.  Has added a new area.
- Hell swamp: Golden Sea Pirates of the conflict and total war family tree Staten striking aspect of the place where you can view a large swampy area.
- Long Reef: a subtropical climate, where the coconut trees, palm trees, coral sand beaches, emerald sea, the sea south of the resort where you can view
Is a feeling.
- End of the long-term Rocca: Ferret tells the story of the twilight of a long-term where they seemed stacked appearance of large peaks
Visible region.
- Steppe belt: New Tammy lack of Perret story surrounding the reconstruction of the Empire is in progress, where is the area where you can enjoy the tropical climate.
- Ha Lala Hari ruins of Night: A long time ago the great capital of the empire, where the continent was the best city in the lush tropical place now
The remaining stone cities in ruins can be seen.

Two.  Mounts, Housing and drawings have been added that can be purchased mirage island.
- Residential areas and major cities of the island mirage [mirage island door of the fold] can enter the ride.
- A mirage riding on the island exit door of the fold again, you return to the location entered.
- Vehicle, house drawings, and a special coin to purchase is required.

Instance dungeons]

A.  Instance dungeons have been added.
- Underground palace at West issues: the goddess of fire, serve Observe La Raya Hari Lal down in the ruins of priests who follow the Prince of yisyama
Issues in the basement of the palace at West Prince ahsyama establish their empire by bolting
Is for conspiracy.
- Bultanseong arsenal: nuyiah the best interest of the criminal origin of evil sect burnt castle hideout of a secret is the devil worshipers.
- The farm of Le Hardy: Hardy Le Le Hardy is on a farm with his powerful necromantic trouble from fourteen to move based on knowledge
Clan system are dreaming.
- The entry-level dungeons, 18 cases CBT5 dongseobu play the same dungeon, but the future will be placed dungeon own continent.


A.  The appearance of a variety of costume and weapons have been added.

Two.  Set in some of the item has been added to the set.

Three.  Pet boarding combat pets have been added.
- Directly to pet the baby to grow has been added to the system acquisition.
- The wolf has been added to help the fight.  Play a game of chance to get your own wolf you can meet
Will be.

Four.  Elves of the board petin 'Elk' has been added.

[Life and Production]

A.  Regional climate has been set up.
- Dry weather / temperate / tropical climate, and are suitable for every climate to raise crops, a more rapid growth.
- Local climate in the lower right corner of the map can be found.
- Crop by crop suitable climatic zones can be found on the item tooltip.

Two.  Specialties have been added to the trading system.
- Specialties of each region is unique to each case in making a specialty of the region can produce.
- After man was created by backpackers, specialties, and other areas of the gyoyeoksang NPC, if you sell to the NPC by the Delphi Promenade adequate compensation
May be.

Three.  Items have been added to the decomposition functions.
- Towns and cities of the [material trader] to [Silent Dark geumeumdol] When used to purchase weapons, armor items
Can be disassembled.
Weapons, Armor, depending on the level of the items 'ahkium flour', 'ahkium pieces, ahkium decision', 'ahkium Integer' can get a chance.
- 20 level or higher, advanced more than can be disassembled ahyitemman.

Four.  Production skills have improved.
- If you have a very high skill you can learn better results.


A.  Houses of various types have been added.

Two.  Vehicles or public facilities that can grow the crops have been added.
- In a public facility for a period of time they can be deployed to protect crops.
- But after a certain period of time may be able to obtain all crops.

Three.  Estates management functions have been added.
- Tower defense estates management in the interaction can be performed can be set in the UI tax.

Four.  Features have been added tax.
- If you build a house, a certain amount of tax will be added regularly.

5  After installation warmer after a set period of time to loss of ownership has changed.

[Integrated auction]

A.  I've added a server consolidation auction.
- Category search feature in the newly added auction items can be retrieved conveniently.


A.  The trial system has been added.
- Blood and footprints reported index crimes of a particular character if there are more than 50 points may apply to the trial.
- The trial did not apply for a character is immediately recalled to prison, the jury in the trial judge, the sentence can apply
Will decide.


A.  In order to provide a better game as a development environment upgrade has CryEngine3.
- 32bit / 64bit OS in both quality grades will be able to enjoy the graphics.
- 64bit OS than a 32bit OS f4 is better graphics quality.

[Excluded System]

* Battle, siege content to give you a better look further development is underway.

A.  Battlefield
Two.  The Siege

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