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Guide to Mounts in Archeage

May 7, 2012 12:29 am

In ArcheAge, players are provided with many various means of transportation which can make getting around that bit easier. Be it on land, sea or air, player controlled or NPC piloted, or even teleportation, players in ArcheAge have lots of options open to them. Lets take a look at how you can get around in the world of ArcheAge.

These are, the Horse, the Snow Lion, the Donkey and the Yata, Tiger (cost you honor points), New Mount (chinese dragon).

This tiger you can buy only for honor points.

Dragon from chinese mythology. Cost 20gold. Skill: invisibility

Firstly, all mounts in ArcheAge are living parts of the world. This means that once summoned into the world, mounts will remain in the world until de-summoned or killed. That's right, your mounts can die... but what else can they do ? Well, they can level up and unlock abilities. When your mount is summoned into the game world, you can tell it to follow you while you kill mobs and it shares the experience points you get from kills. As your mount levels, it unlocks abilities allowing you to fight from your horse while mounted. Oh yes... mounted combat!!!!

For those people now asking, “won't my my die easily in combat?”, the answer is yes and no. Your mount will take damage if you use if in combat and their health and armor is low by default, so it is in your best interest to protect it... by giving it armor. That's right, mounts in ArcheAge can be equipped with different armors giving your mounts better stats and defence. Pretty cool huh. The last awesome thing that all mounts can do, is they are all capable of carrying a rider and a passenger. This allows a passenger who is carrying a package to be transported around without suffering the movement speed penalty that carrying a package incurs. Making the mounts two person mounts also allows you to pick up a friend whose mount has died and give him a lift back to town so he can have a stable master revive his mount.

Mounts have an information window which allows you to see your mounts current stats, as well as equip it with armor and other gear. To the side is a translated screenshot of the mount information window of my Grey Horse when it was level five. As can be seen, mounts have an experience bar, HP and energy information as well as stats. They have armor slots on the left and saddlebag slots on the right. Note that the saddlebags are used as extra inventory space by storing items on your mount. The speed rating of the mount is also shown on this screen and is calculated in terms of percentage faster than running. So this mount (which is the lowest tier mount) allows you to travel 100% faster than walking.

It is probably also worth pointing out that ArcheAge has a tiered mount system in place where you have cheaper but slower mounts and much more expensive but faster mounts. The cheaper ones are faster than walking and you do get a couple of them for free during quests, but the faster ones are that bit more expensive and you will have to work towards them. They are not overly expensive however as ArchAge is a game where you will most likely have multiple mounts in your inventory at all times to avoid situations where you are out in the middle of nowhere and all your mounts are dead. So the prices are set accordingly with this in mind.

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      Sep 16, 2015 12:46 pm
      Very good guide, do you have to be at a certain level to get a mount or is it just a matter of buying one and finding an animal to mount on?


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