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Some Tips About How To Level Up Fast

Apr 15, 2012 7:07 pm
Here are some tips shared by KR players about how to level up fast, maybe the tips will help you when you play ArcheAge, check it out below:

1. Don't give up any quests
Quest will give players a lot of exp and rewards, and they can't be gained only by killing monsters, and when your character reach lv31, all quests have almost been done, so don't give up any quests easily.
Then if you get a quest asks you to kill monsters, it's better to party an 'attack team', many players could share the quest, so it can be finished soon.(What's an attack team? There is a party system in game, if you party an attack team, you can send quest sharing to the players around you.)
After lv20, players only can get a few equipments from killing monsters, so the equipments from quest rewards are important.

2. Overfulfill quests
There are overfulfill quest and nearly complete quest's systems in game
If players finish a quest by exceeding 50% workload of the quest, they'll obtain extra exp.
If players haven't reached the requirement of completing a quest, they still can submit quest, but the exp will be greatly reduced.
For the extra exp, remember to do quests with overfulfilling.

3. Consume labor force
Players can get exp from consuming labor force, and they also can get many materials which can be used later.
Lv.1   100 labor force
Lv.5   150 labor force
Lv.10   200 labor force
Lv.20   300 labor force
Lv.30   400 labor force
Lv.40   500 labor force
Lv.50   600 labor force
Iron ore     3 labor force
Silver ore    5 labor force
Gold ore    7 labor force
Watering flowers and plants    1 labor force
Cutting the trees which grows 30mins     2 labor force
Cutting the trees which grows 90mins     4 labor force
Cutting the trees which grows 240mins    6 labor force
Cutting the trees which grows 12hrs     8 labor force

1 labor force = 25 + (Character lv * 3) EXP
Eg. If your character is level 30, and collected Iron ore, then you'll gain exp:
3*[25+(30*3)]=345 exp

4. If you gain equipments from killing monsters after level 20, don't sell it to shop.
Because all weapons from quests can't be fixed, if the durability of weapons has dropped to 0 one day, it will be useless.
So remember not to sell equipments to shop, you can trade it to players or be for your own use.

5. Do quests in hostile faction
If you've done all quests in your continent, you can go to hostile faction and do their quests.

Source: 131.com

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    Jan 27, 2015 8:15 pm
    Quote: Originally Posted by cuaduong at Dec 9, 2014 8:52 am
    I'm newbie, but his tips will helpfull for me :), g7bet     

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    Sep 24, 2015 12:23 pm
    That is smart, I made the mistake of not doing optional quests like fighting monsters for xp. So my character is level 10 and can't fight stronger monsters at like level 13.
    Should I go back and do the optional quests?

    Jul 19, 2016 4:58 am
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