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The Usage of Moonstone in ArcheAge

Mar 30, 2012 8:35 pm
In ArcheAge there are crafting system, players can use some items to enhance gears.
Moonstone is one of the items. Here will introduce how to inlay moonstone to gears and increase gears' attributes.


1. Moonstone have chance to drop from monsters, sometimes it will be quest rewards too.

2. Moonstone can be inset to all kinds of equipments and weapons.

3. If it's inset successfully, the equipment/weapon will get new attributes(such as strength, constitution, agility, spirit and intelligence).

4. Every gear only can be inset a moonstone.

5. The attributes from moonstone will be showed in green words.

Moonstone's color:
Different color stands for different attribute:
Red = Strength
Yellow = Agility
Green = Constitution
Purple = Spirit
Blue = Intelligence

How to inset moonstone:
1. Open you bag, right click the moonstone

2. Choose the gear that you need to craft

3. After confirmation, the gear will be crafted

4. When moonstone is successfully inset, it will give the gear a new attribute

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