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ArcheAge Labor System Overview

Mar 27, 2012 8:25 pm
Labor System

The labor system ties ArcheAge’s various crafting, gathering, and construction sub-systems together under one umbrella and provides the player with a pool of labor points that power most of the activities. The labor points accrue at fixed intervals regardless if you’re online or offline.

Also, high-level users can use their labor power in more luxurious activities (such as going to a dance party) and also purchase the labor power of lower level users for crafting. XLGames would like the users to enjoy the game with less burden. So, with such a labor system, you can actually run a corporation. Pay people daily to work for you, and you get all your projects finished fast and rip the benefits, while the users get the money they need stably each day.

House Construction

Houses can also be built anywhere in the world and come in various types, sizes, and architectural styles. It has been said that housing will be available to about 60% of players at the start due to some limitations. You can construct different houses, which vary by size, type and architecture. This system lets you construct your own house from labor points and resources. Once you build a house you can also choose the furniture, as well as get a yard or a farm where you can grow fruit and sell it to other players. You can check this thread for more details.

Ship Construction

Naval battles will be a big part of the ArcheAge experience and as such being able to build and customize your own ships is an impressive feature. You can customize decks, number of cannons, ship, health and additional characteristics. Ship battles will also be affected by wind speed, tidal currents and more which all sounds amazingly detailed and most importantly fun. For more details, please check here.

Source: ArcheAge Leveling Guide

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