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[Guide] Certificate Combinations

Jan 4, 2012 1:49 am
Class Certficates
With the wide variety of classes that lets players enjoy different roles and party compositions, as long as the class reaches a certain level class certificates become obtainable.

When equipping specific certificates, the character is able to receive special abilities. Even more spectacular is how even while changing jobs, the various certificates are still able to be equipped. The combination of certificates is a vast knowledge with the strongest combinations left for you to discover!

When certificates are combined, there may result in a special effect from the combination.
Don't underestimate the combination effects for sometimes in difficult situations it is the license combinations that are the keys to victory!

Increasing the character level increases the number of certificates able to be equipped.

As the class level increases, the certificates are unlocked.
Certificates are obtained at class levels 10, 20, and 30.
License effects are boosted at class levels 40, 50, and 60.

Basic Combinations
Melee Defense
(any 2 yellow) - Strength Increase: STR +2%
(any 3 yellow) - Heart of War: Deep Impact and Combat Cyclone damage increase by 10%
(any 4 yellow) - Shield Master: Shield DEF +50%, Max HP +5%

Melee DPS
(any 2 orange) - Agility Increase: AGI +2%
(any 3 orange) - Destruction Fang: Slam and Fury Hit damage increase by +10%
(any 4 orange) - 1H Weapon Master: Increase weapon atk and magic atk by +5% when equipped with a 1h weapon

Range DPS
(any 2 green) - Luck Increase: LCK +2%
(any 3 green) - Shooting Star Arrow: Precise Shot damage and Wild Will duration +10%
(any 4 green) - 2H Weapon Master: Increase weapon atk and magic atk by +5% when equipped with a 2h weapon


(any 2 blue) - Wisdom Increase: WIS +2%
(any 3 blue) - Revival Leaf: Cure healing effect and Earth Shock damage increase by +10%
(any 4 blue) - Healing Master: Healing and received healing effects +15%

Magic DPS
(any 2 purple) - Intelligence Increase: INT +2%
(any 3 purple) - Magic Moon: Fire Bomb and Lightning Web damage increase by 10%
(any 4 purple) - Demon Spell Master: Max MP +15%

Class Specific Combinations
(Taunt + Rapier Attack) Warrior’s Bloody Rage – Bloody Attack damage increase by +12%
(Iron Armor + Holy Heart) Warrior’s Fortitude – Titan’s Wall duration +8 seconds

(Rapier Attack + Muscle Flexibility) Knight’s Honor – Judgment Storm damage increase by +8%
(Elegance + Iron Armor) Knight’s Dignity – Elegant duration +12 seconds.

(Heavy Shield Defense + Taunt) Templar’s Conviction – Shield Bash damage increase by +12%
(Critical Attack + Rapier Attack) Templar’s Authority - Judgment Impact damage increase by +8%

(Super-Speed Hand + Dancing Master) Thief’s Dexterity – Deadly Containment damage increase by +20%
(Nimbleness + Stamina) Thief’s Shadow – Gallop duration +5 seconds

Martial Artist
(Defense Energy + Thunder Reflection) Martial Artist’s Vigor – Defender’s Strength duration +8 seconds
(Powerful Muscle + Smile) Martial Artist’s Force – Charge duration +8 seconds

Blade Dancer
(Dancing Master + Nimbleness) Blade Dancer’s Beauty – Dance of War duration +8 seconds
(Smile + Calm) Blade Dancer’s Glamour – Dancing Blade critical chance +6%

(Loyal Faith + Defense Energy) Samurai’s Loyalty – Enlightenment duration +5 seconds
(Calm + Powerful Muscle) Samurai’s Undeterred Mind – Widower duration +5 seconds

(Treasure Search + Zephyr) Hunter’s Calmness – Wild Stimulation duration + 12 seconds
(Find Weakness + Turbine Dynamics) Hunter’s Persistence – Piercing Wound duration + 5 seconds

(Turbine Dynamics + Treasure Search) Engineer’s Nanotechnology – Slime Explosive damage increase by +8%
(Lens Optics + Zephyr) Engineer’s Explosive Technology – Heavy Artillery damage increase by 12% and stun duration +1 second

(Zephyr + Find Weakness) Ranger’s Experience – Still Composure duration +8 seconds
(Double Shot + Shake Sonar Study) Ranger’s Tracking – Sniper’s Will duration +8 seconds

(Devoted Belief + Focused Thought) Cleric’s Faith – Healing Radiance heal amount +5%
(Holy Kindness + Tuner) Cleric’s Dedication – Life Cure duration +5 seconds

(Pop Star + Ancient Spirit Spell) Bard’s Education – Music of Life duration +6 seconds
(Rock Soul + Holy Inspiration) Bard’s Passion – Vocal Bomb critical chance +6% and damage increase by +12%

(Spirit Totem + Holy Inspiration) Shaman’s Prestige – Natural Punishment critical chance +6% and damage increase by +12%
(Focused Thought + Tuner) Shaman’s Ritual – Earth Energy duration +4 seconds

(Sage Blessing + Devoted Belief) Sage’s Knowledge – Cure hammer damage increase by +15%
(Spirit Accordance + Ancient Spirit Spell) Sage’s Wisdom – Stimulation Hammer critical chance +9%

(Sorcery Knowledge + Soul Ritual) Magician’s Instant Lightning – Lightning Bolt damage increase by +12%
(Quiet Wrath + Illusion Control) Magician’s Frosted Breath – Snow Storm damage increase by +7%

(Time Tricks + Elemental Fusion) Illusionist’s Mystery – Deadly Icicle damage increase by +12%
(Avatar Master + Illusion Control) Illusionist’s Trick – Stimulation duration +5 seconds

(Multiple Curse + Sorcery Knowledge) Warlock’s Malice – Nightmare Attack damage increase by +12%
(Demon’s Eye + Avatar Master) Warlock’s Cult – Blood Converter duration +5 seconds

source: Certificate Combinations[Guide

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